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Microdot returns to the entertainment industry after two years but netizens aren't pleased


It has been nearly two years since the controversy of Microdot's parents borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues and not returning the funds.

However, the rapper announced he will be making a comeback after the two years of his hiatus. He announced through his social media that he will be releasing his new album 'Prayer' on September 25 KST.

Microdot stated that he wanted to tell the story that he couldn't share with the public for two years. He stated he wanted to reveal the song "Responsibilities" foremost. Microdot also revealed that he was felt cautious and worried about releasing his new album. However, he claimed he took the courage to.

Meanwhile, Microdot denied all allegations about his parents when the controversy began back in 2018. He claimed that he will be taking legal action under defamation. However, the victim revealed a complaint filed in 1996 and Microdot admitted to the allegations.

Many netizens criticized the rapper because he had appeared on various television programs boasting of his parents' wealth. However, Microdot was quick to deny claims when his parents were being accused of fleeing the country without paying back the money they had borrowed. Since then, Microdot dropped out of all the TV programs and went on a hiatus for two years.

As he recently announced his comeback, many netizens could not help but to express their disapproval and dissatisfaction of the rapper's return.

Netizens' Commented
"Please don't make an appearance. You should still be self-reflecting. You said you were going to take legal actions against people who claimed about the debt."

"I thought his life as a celebrity is over. His parents are in jail and the victims didn't even get proper compensation. I feel uncomfortable just reading the article and feel disgusted. I hope he's not thinking about appearing on TV again."

"He's super brazen, isn't he. I think his record label has a problem letting him release his album."

"Why is he making a comeback? why?"

"I don't think the word 'courage' is the right word, maybe 'shameless' is a better one."

"Was the two years that hard? were you feeling so unjust because of the wrong your parents did? there were people who had a hard time for a longer period than you. There were victims that must have felt worse than you. If you feel really sorry then you should hide your face and not appear at all or pay the victims the money you earn."

"Do you think that the public will accept you with open arms after two years? Your family had so much money. imagine the families who lived in difficulty because your parents took their money. I don't want to hear news from you."

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henry1984342,203 pts Thursday, September 24, 2020 3
Thursday, September 24, 2020

okay yes he definitely should not have said he was going to sue people but people really need to stop blaming idols when their parents or relatives do something wrong


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MackLee2824 pts Thursday, September 24, 2020 2
Thursday, September 24, 2020

He admitted that he had no clue about what his parents did.. he and his brother were like in elementary school. Children should not be blamed for the sins of their parents. Parents lie, parents cheat, parents steal... And the children are victims too..


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