Posted by beansss Thursday, September 24, 2020

MAMAMOO members honestly address questions about their contract renewals


During a recent 'V Live' broadcast, MAMAMOO members Solar and Moon Byul honestly answered fans' questions regarding their upcoming contract renewals. 

Solar said, "There are a lot of questions asking, 'Unnie, are you guys not renewing your contracts?'. Now our contracts will be up next year." Moon Byul responded, "7 years go by fast." 

Solar then continued, "No one knows what's gonna happen for sure. It's an issue that involves each of our lives... But since the members all love being together, we need to talk about it more. I'm sure we'll have an answer when next year comes." Moon Byul reacted with, "Is that your wise answer?"

Solar also added on a more realistic note, "But as for now, we still have a lot that we need to do as MAMAMOO. Like singing and such. If we keep just thinking about the contracts, I think for me, it would feel like I was wasting my time and not enjoying it properly. Rather than spending all my time worrying about it, I think it's more important to have more good times with MooMoos. Because when it comes to life, you have no idea what's gonna happen."

Finally, the girls agreed, "Because if we say something now, but then next year it's different from what we said, then it becomes a weird situation." 

What do you think of MAMAMOO's upcoming contact renewals next year?

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nina97x8,116 pts Thursday, September 24, 2020 2
Thursday, September 24, 2020

I think they’ll renew. Hwasa and Solar do great solo work but I think they’re much stronger as a group.


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kentv525 pts Friday, September 25, 2020 2
Friday, September 25, 2020

The chances are they are in the early stages of negotiation of a new deal and if they are smart they have contract law specialists advising them and telling them to really not comment regarding those negotiations as public comments can sometimes ruin your own position or strengthen the company's. You don't say things like, "Oh we will definitely sign," nearly a year ahead of renewal as you will lose your only leverage.

I do think that RBW has been pretty good with the members regarding solo activities and getting the group revenue. The question of course is whether the members feel they have got a fair share of profits and that those profits were fairly calculated. That is a common problem all over the entertainment industry not just in Korea. Some Hollywood films can gross $500 million on a supposed $150 million production budget and then claim they lost money and there are no profits to issue. The same thing happens in the music biz.

I doubt the members would find greener grass elsewhere. For every Sunmi who sent to another company and continued to have success or maybe better success, there are like half a dozen or more who did that and found leaving didn't work out well.

Finally, while RBW has Oneus, Onewe, and Purple Kiss coming, Mamamoo would seem to be their main source of revenue and the label's premiere artist. Unless the members are asking for a deal that is completely unreasonable, you make sure you keep them. The thing is that Mamamoo already has an audience that isn't terribly age sensitive, so you aren't too worried that as they get to 30 they lose their audience.


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