Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Jessica changes the description wording of her novel 'Shine' + postpones publication date


On September 24, the publication company of Jessica's upcoming novel 'Shine' announced the postponement of the novel's distribution. 

According to the publication company RH Korea, the release of Jessica's 'Shine' has been postponed due to "internal reasons". The company also added on, "The cover image and the novel description previously found on online portals were not finalized versions. 'Shine' is not an autobiography, a fictional work from the author's imagination."

Finally, RH Korea address previous rumors regarding 'Shine', with, "The reproduction of 'Shine' into a film is not confirmed, it is only under discussion. Jessica does not wish to promote herself as a 'former Girls' Generation member' but as a newly debuting novelist, Jessica." 

Earlier this month, the publication date of Jessica's 'Shine' was announced for September 29. Images of the novel's cover image were soon posted on online bookseller sites, and many soon noticed that a description on the front cover read, "Jessica's autobiography". This raised an issue among various netizens including fans of Girls' Generation, as they claimed that Jessica attempted to shed bad light on her former agency as well as her former group for fame. 

Now, the description line in question has been changed from "Jessica's autobiography" to "Jessica's debut novel". The postponed release date of 'Shine' has yet to be announced. 

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cabbagejuice3,734 pts Wednesday, September 23, 2020 0
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

the title is misleading?? it kinda makes it sound like jessica wrote that description and then changed it herself, but authors dont usually make these covers/descriptions. thats up to the publishers or whoever they hire to do the job. jessica doesnt seem to want to promote it like that. my guess is the publisher did it intentionally to get publicity from the scandal. not once until now did they promote it as an autobiography, so this seems like a stunt



unholypeach623 pts Thursday, September 24, 2020 1
Thursday, September 24, 2020

"Jessica attempted to shed bad light on her former agency as well as her former group" If certain things did happen, she has every right to express them, regardless if this is an autobiography or not. Just because SNSD is still an established group (if you can call it that..), it doesn't protect them from a former member talking about what it was like being a member, good and bad. That is literally impeading on her right to free speech and expression.


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