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[EXCLUSIVE] BTS JIN fans continue to send truck (4th truck) to Bighit for better treatment of their artist.


BTS JIN fans have sent yet another truck on the morning of September 9th. This is the 4th truck thatbwas sent to BigHit office asking for a fair treatment of BTS JIN.

in an exclusive, the initiator of the truck fund team (a korean seokjin fan) said they are trying to show BigHit that Seokjin is not the underrated artist that is being portrayed in the BTS MV and want everyone to know about Jin's beautiful vocals and his performance as an artist.

The BTS content thus far have shown very minimal to no scope of acting or vocals and they wish to change it with Jin having 15 more months for conscription (Essential Military Service) as stated by BigHit.

Bighit staff taking pictures of the Protest Truck.

This truck fund team is said to be a different and diverse fans from the previous ones.

Previously, Jin's Chinese Fandom have also made a statement with a truck for 2 consecutive days.

These truck protests have started following the release of BTS Billboard #1 Hit Single, Dynamite in which there was a lack of Jin's solo set while other members had 2 sets. Jin also doesn't sing his part (consisting of only a chorus) till 2+ mins of the 3 odd minutes song.

Jin's Chinese Fandom protest truck only says "We always support you" 


It is to be seen how BigHit reacts to this and if Jin will have better chance to portray his talents as visual, as actor and a vocalist in the upcoming album which is said to have a majority part played by the members themselves.

As for now, its still status quo.

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KookieCookieface106 pts Wednesday, September 9, 2020 1
Wednesday, September 9, 2020

personally i think companies bring stuff like this on themselves by not even doing the bare minimum

i mean they know if jin hardly appears in an mv armys would be hurt, they dont need to be told that. but they just neglect the situation until fans have to pool together money and buy a truck


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ssssssh_be_quiet335 pts Wednesday, September 9, 2020 3
Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Seokjinnies fan nowadays are strong unlike before: bootlicking, OT7 seekers, meek. Now they fight for Jin.


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