Posted by KayRosa Sunday, September 13, 2020

Alleged friend of Sulli's brother demands apology on SNS


A friend of Sulli's brother is allegedly demanding an apology.

On September 14 KST, an online community forum shared several screenshots taken from an Instagram Story uploaded by a non-celebrity. According to the netizen, the Stories have been directed towards Sulli's brother, waiting for an apology from him.

After the recent broadcast of 'Unanswered Questions', a series of controversies arose as Sulli's friend accused the documentary of publicizing her personal issues, while the singer's brother accused their 'attention-seeking' friends for feigning compassion.

In these recent Stories, the alleged friend of Sulli and her brother wrote: "I told you, before 12."

Later, referring to Sulli's brother, the person wrote, "You've purposefully blocked me from tagging you [on Instagram]. You have 6 more minutes." 

Apparently, the user is demanding an apology from the late Sulli's brother for accusing his friends of misdeeds. For the record, netizens state that the friend of 15 years, the person 'A' accused by Sulli's brother, and this new Story uploader are all different people. 

Nonetheless, netizens are expressing their confusion over these issues with comments such as: 

"I don't care about the truth -- I think it's rude that someone would take to SNS to talk about a late person's family member in that way"

"For whom must this argument go on?"

"I actually think that Sulli's brother has a right to say certain things about his family. The friends need to calm down and stay silent, to show minimum respect."

"What's happening..."

"Netizens simply accusing the friends to stay quiet are also know-it-alls. You of all people had no business whatsoever to do with Sulli's personal life"

"Sulli, I'm so sorry that these things are currently happening..."

What do you think of these controversies?

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Ohboy6916,036 pts Sunday, September 13, 2020 0
Sunday, September 13, 2020

It's time for all of them to shut the fuck up.



dooda2,297 pts Sunday, September 13, 2020 0
Sunday, September 13, 2020

Just one thing. Sulli is no longer here. She will not see this and she will not feel any of anyone’s feelings. So stop dragging about her life it’s no use to talk about a dead person. It’s over! So it’s better that both sides just stop making this an issue

I know many want to save Choiza from her mom allegations but you are all going so far with this



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