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J.Y. Park clarifies the controversial rumor of being in a religious cult


J.Y. Park, founder and chief producer of JYP Entertainment, explained himself on allegedly being part of a cult.

J.Y. Park appeared on the August 12 episode of MBC's 'Radio Star' that aired and explained the stories of his faith and how became known to be part of a cult.

In the episode J.Y. Park stated that he had traveled to Jerusalem, Israel for about two months in the past. While traveling, J.Y. Park studied the bible. He explained, " I understood with my mind but could not believe with my heart."

Then his friend asked, "Hey Jinyoung, can you teach me the bible?" J.Y. Park continued to state that "I told my friend I don't believe but my friend said he can understand it very well if I teach him even though I don't believe. On the fifth day we studied together, my friend said that he is able to believe."

Ultimately, his friend introduced J.Y. Park to his junior and they continued to study the bible. J.Y. Park stated that the bible study group became bigger and suddenly in 2017, he was able to believe as well.

J.Y. Park continued to state, "That's when the articles were published. The articles published saying that I was part of a specific organization (the Salvation Sect). But that's not correct at all. I am not affiliated with any religious group. It's just a small bible study group."

In response to this Defconn asked, "I'm part of the Korean Christian Methodist Church, what is your denomination?" in which J.Y. Park responded, "I don't have a denomination. We're still by ourselves."

Previously, J.Y. Park was seen at an evangelism event with actor Bae Yong Joon and was involved in the controversy of being part of the Salvation Sect. The controversy heightened at that time when netizens found out that his wife was the niece of the chairman, the late Yoo Byung Hun.

However, J.Y. Park clarified that his wife doesn't belong to any religious organization either. Even the officials at the Salvation Sect deny having J.Y. Park as one of their believers.

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kyraangelfae011,449 pts Wednesday, August 12, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

im trying to understand this from the comments below what the problem is but his explanation seems pretty ok to me ever since i was a kid i have gone to church at a large number of churches because my family always moved around so we just went to whatever church happened to be near by everything from seventh day Adventist to Jehovah witness without ever actually being baptized and belonging to single one in particular so i also have no denomination despite reading the bible numerous times and knowing various stories from it by heart i have also been part of numerous bible study groups as i grew up through out my teens as well but i still dont completely believe in religion or have a particular faith or belief or anything like that so im inclined to believe him about reading it but not really believing it also my experiences from going to so many churches is that the stories in the bible dont change they are the same regardless of which church you go to but each church has its own interpretation of those stories thus creating their own faith beliefs and practices who can tell which is wrong or which is right ? when everyone is interpreting it their own way? does belonging or not belonging to a denomination even really matter?



Aga_C3,766 pts Thursday, August 13, 2020 1
Thursday, August 13, 2020

This just explains (pretty unbelievably imo) why he led a bible group he was pictured at, but not why cult members and leaders were repeatedly pictured at his groups, nor why he was pictured meeting cult leaders, and also conveniently glosses over the fact that he married the daughter of a cult leader...


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