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Posted by jisoomemory37 pts Monday, August 17, 2020

Jisoo claims there's no songs you'll hate on BLACKPINK's upcoming album


On August 17, Jisoo went on Channel Plus (CH+) to share and cheer up BLINK who are eagerly waiting for BLACKPINK's first full album. She made a post with a warm caption, “Today’s Jisoo. To the Blinks I miss."

Based on the outfit she wore in the photos, seems like it was from the day of the collaboration live with Twitter, #BLACKPINKonBlueroom. Fans expect to get the latest pictures from Jisoo. However, the fans' disappointment was reciprocated when Jisoo took the time to reply to comments with some fans.

Blink : Following the rainy season, heatwave weather is crazy ㅠㅠ

Jisoo : Not only I hate the hot weather but it's a little too humid to breathe 😭

Blink : The weather is hot these days. Take care of yourself noona ㅠㅠ

Jisoo : Let's not get sick from the heat after the rainy season!!!!!

Blink : In these photos, it looks like you really bleached your hair! You finally did a noticeable color!

Jisoo : kekeke I know right, but after this, I covered it too much and the color disappeared right away... is that why my hair color wasn’t noticeable during promotions kekeke

Blink : Jisoo! I got a job! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I want to be congratulated ㅜㅜ 💖

Jisoo : OMG!! Congratulations!! Even if it's hard, remember this happiness and cheer up!!!!!! 😎👏

After a while, Jisoo moved into CH+ chatroom and shared how she felt. “Our new single is about to come out and the album is coming out too!! It’s great to see you often this year!! It would’ve been better to see you in person, but the memories now will still be new memories, so let’s enjoy together hahahaha.”

Jisoo also shared her disappointment not to get shoot each song from the album with a new music video. “While working on the album, each and every song feels like such a waste! I want to film a video for each, and I want to do a performance for each song. Each and every song is so good. Make sure you listen to them all!!! There’s no song you’ll dislike including the new single of course. I feel like everyone will listen to it a lot!”

Jisoo also added that BLINK likes weird music which makes her felt better without worries. “But honestly, Blinks even like the weird songs I sing so when we’re preparing something new, I’m not worried! kekekeke Our reliable BLINK 😘Hoping that we’ll always stay beside BLINK. We’ll try to break into Blink’s life by coming out with good songs.”

After 'How You Like That' collected multiple swag records of Guinness World Records, of course, people will expecting something more from them. But with the enthusiasm shown by Jisoo in this post, she made it even more exciting for fans waiting for BLACKPINK upcoming single and album.

Notes: There's no screenshot of the conversation in the comment field or chatroom space to be shown here as CH+ is the paid membership content.

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bxfangirl2221,977 pts Monday, August 17, 2020 0
Monday, August 17, 2020

Jisoo really is such a sweet person, and also YGE take notes! I know its wishful thinking but like Jisoo said, let's have an MV for every song on the album! Make it happen! 💕



entity3035 pts Monday, August 17, 2020 1
Monday, August 17, 2020

I love all bp songs specially kill this love and stay.


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