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Jin Hua enraged at his mother as he tells her not to feed his daughter Coke


Ham So Won's husband, Jin Hua had a conflict with his mother on the recent episode of TV CHOSUN's 'Wife's Taste'.

The episode aired on August 4th KST and started the episode with Mama making dumplings.

Jin Hua became annoyed as he was playing his computer game when Mama caused loud noises as she made dumplings in the morning. Mama couldn't find the pushrod to make the dumplings as she rummaged through the kitchen. Then she finally asked Jin Hua to find it but he was able to find it right away. Frustrated, Jin Hua asked if there was anything else she needed. His mother felt offended by his frustration and replied, "It's so difficult to call you over even just once."

The ill feelings between mother and son increased when Mama finished making the dumplings. She asked Jin Hua to eat the dumplings but he refused to eat as he stayed on his computer to play games. Mama became upset and decided to turn off his computer to make Jin Hua come out of his room.

The conflict between the two increased as Jin Hua watched his mother give his daughter dumplings and Coca-Cola.

Jin Hua quickly became angered and stated "Don't give her Cola. Who bought this cola?" In response, Mama answered, "You grew up drinking this stuff too."

That is when Jin Hua became enraged and told his mother, "Hyejung (his daughter) is not even two years old. What are we going to do if she learns your eating habits? If you want Coke, then go outside and drink it. Don't let the kid know about coke."

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youngbinsbaby150 pts Tuesday, August 4, 2020 4
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jin Hua is a husband and father but he still acts like a teenager


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KooketteAkgae57 pts Tuesday, August 4, 2020 1
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Seeing his mom's child-rearing ideas I really wonder how Jin Hua even survived


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