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Girl group ANS's Haena continues to insinuate that she's suffering from bullying


ANS member Haena's recent Instagram posts are alarming netizens.

[Please be advised: Trigger Warning ahead]

Recently on an online community forum, a netizen compiled a list of posts made by rookie girl group ANS's member Haena. Via Instagram, Haena had made a series of blank posts with a lengthy caption insinuating that she is currently suffering from bullying. 

In a post made on August 14, she wrote:

"I can't take it anymore. My life has been ruined and I am so tired to death, but I still didn't want to do any harm until the end. And I was sorry to all the people who would root for someone like me without anything special, so I wanted to be understanding even while being tired and lonely. Was saying sorry that difficult? So far, I had never even expected an apology, but don't you think you've gone too far?

I wonder if you are really human. I am also not afraid of anything, even if I were to come alive after death. I didn't want to cause harm to anyone but I can't take it anymore and without a word I let go of my heart -- will anyone understand? What did I ever have to lose that I try to carry everything myself -- because I was desperate. I know that feeling. I didn't want to ruin everything."

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나도 더이상은 못참겠다 내 인생이 망가지고 죽을만큼 힘들어도 끝까지 피해는 안주고 싶었고 잘난거 없는 나를 응원해주시고 좋아해주셨던 사람들에게 너무나도 죄송해서 그래서 나는 혼자 힘들면서도 배려하고 있었어요 사과한마디가 그렇게 어려웠어요? 아니 그동안 저는 사실 사과조차도 바란적 없었어요 근데 이건 정말 너무하다는 생각이 안드나요? 진짜 사람이긴한걸까 나도 이젠 죽었다 깨어난 이상 무서울 거 없다 아무피해도 주고싶지 않은데 정말 버틸수가 없어서 아무 말도 없이 조용히 다 놓았던 내 마음을 언젠가는 이해할 수 있을까?나는 뭐가 좋았다고 그렇게 혼자 떠안고 가려했을까 내가 간절했으니까 그마음을 아니까 굳이 내가 망치고 힘들게 만들고 싶지 않았어요 내가 조용히 죽어버리면 아무도 그 이유는 모르겠지만 적어도 본인들은 사람이라면 미안한 마음이라도 들며 살겠지 싶어서 근데 진짜 깨어나고 싶은 마음도 없었지만 막상 깨어나보니 더 무섭네요 증거가 없으니 그런적 없다고요? 어떤 얘기가 들려도 억울해도 가만히 있던거 멍청해서 그런거 아니에요 지금 이게 내 마지막 배려니까 잘 생각해봐요 진심어린 사과한마디면 용서는 못해도 혼자 안고 가볼테니까.

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She continued, "If I die silently, then nobody would know the reason, but if you guys are at least humans, then wouldn't you all live with a sorry feeling in your hearts. I didn't want to wake up again but after waking up, I'm even more scared. I am just pretending because I have no proof, you say? I didn't just stay put no matter what I heard not because I was stupid. This is merely my last gesture of being considerate, so think carefully. If it's a sincere apology, I wouldn't forgive you but at least I will hold everything in and keep moving on."

Although details have not been further revealed, netizens have been expressing their concern for the girl group member. The follow-up posts shared on the community website also included her messages that she had been receiving treatment at the hospital without telling the members and that she couldn't do much only because she was a minor.

Haena also mentioned that it was because of "them" that she continues to suffer from anxiety and that she could not talk about her difficult family affairs.

"Why did I try so hard to die all this time, trying to jump off [of buildings], using a knife, and swallowing a bunch of pills that got me carried into the hospital? You're telling me that I'm pretending to be weak?", she wrote.

There are also several conjectures assuming that Haena has left the group, as she has unfollowed the company's official Instagram and has moved out of their dorm.

ANS made their debut back in September of 2019 with their 1st single album 'Boom Boom'. Currently, netizens are wishing the best for Haena with hopes for further clarification on the issue.

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Daniel_wulf310 pts Sunday, August 16, 2020 5
Sunday, August 16, 2020

What's with bullying these days??


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cabbagejuice2,672 pts Sunday, August 16, 2020 1
Sunday, August 16, 2020

According to fans she was being bullied by the company and staff, not the members. Until she clarifies i'll still support the girls, but this is rly disappointing that the company would push her to suicide just bc they dont trust her since shes a minor...


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