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Netizens applaud BTS's SUGA for his response to a trainee worrying about his visuals


Netizens applauded SUGA for his responses during an episode of 'I-LAND'.

On the most recent episode of the Mnet survival program, BTS members became senior mentors for the trainees to give them advice.

When K, one of the trainees, shared that he is often jealous of other trainees who are "much more handsome", SUGA immediately responded with the remark: "Can't you see how someone like me also debuted?"

J-Hope quickly followed up, "Me too, hyung, me too! Look at me and have hope."

To this scene, netizens commented that it is people like SUGA who "truly have confidence," as BTS members are generally good-humored enough to "laugh at their own past, including unflattering photos of themselves".

One netizen commented, "BTS members are rarely bothered by issues related to appearances. They are only sensitive when their main vocation (music, etc.) is ignored."

During this episode, SUGA additionally made humorous comments that lightened up the mood. With member V, who added that it is "more important to have your individual charm than to be handsome", Suga said, "You can say that because you have individual charm and good looks all at the same time."

With RM, who remarked that he himself is an "inadequate leader", SUGA quickly defended him, saying: "That's a true leader."

Other netizen comments include:

"It's so great to see them truly promoting the idea of 'Love Yourself' while showing love for each other as a group"

"It's when you don't really care about your looks at all instead of fooling yourself that you are handsome -- that's truly high self-esteem."

"I keep coming back to this post..."

"He's still handsome but he's soooooo honest. Also witty."
"Such a great mind"

Check out the full clip from the episode below! 


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Astres_Dare3,920 pts Sunday, August 16, 2020 3
Sunday, August 16, 2020

I think Suga is hella attractive... I can't say why... It is the way he is, like I keep watching clips of him talking (about music esp.), smiling etc and that is so attractive.


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xx-jenn-xx5,766 pts Sunday, August 16, 2020 2
Sunday, August 16, 2020

That episode was bittersweet. They gave some really good advice, while being pretty damn funny at the same time. There's a reason BTS is as big as they are and it's great that they were there for the trainees and the feedback they gave. They weren't belittling or cocky at all, and Suga you're pretty damn sexy tf you thinking saying you're not handsome....But than j-hope responded after and the face he gave....i died


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