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Former Girl Group member states she is pregnant after having a relationship by being "sponsored" + Updated statement from her agency


On August 12th, netizens were shocked as news was revealedof a former girl group member being allegedly pregnant after a sponsored relationship.

This former member of a girl group also used to be a racing girl and made a post on her Instagram stating that she had a relationship after being a sponsor. ㅡMany believe she had sexual intercourse with the sponsor regularly as she stated on her Instagram post that she had been sponsored by a wealthy man under certain "conditions".

The capture of this Instagram post spread through the online communities in an instant. According to the Instagram post, the former girl group member 'B' stated that she had worn skimpy clothing since her time as a racing model. She met many people and had been seduced by the temptations of money. She continued to state, "I got a 'sponsor' under a 'condition'. I became famous after being part of the girl group OOOO and received more offers of 'sponsors' with the 'conditions' of higher pay. Ultimately, I accepted a conditional sponsor and went to live in China. I came back and did another 'sponsor' and became pregnant with a son. I understand that the man won't take responsibility of me but now I don't know what to do..."

In summary, the former girl group member B states that she had sexual relationships with various men and even became pregnant.

This post was made approximately three months ago, so it is difficult to certify its truth. Many netizens state, "the account could have been hacked" as they state that they cannot believe in the story. Netizens state that they cannot believe in the story because Ms. B recently uploaded another post revealing that she is pregnant.

Ms. B uploaded an ultrasound photo of her pregnancy not too long ago. However, the ultrasound photo has not yet been certified that it was Ms. B who posted on Instagram.

As this controversy heightens and netizens have uncovered the identity of the former girl group member, her agency has made a statement.

The former girl group member in question has been revealed to be Pocket Girl member Bom Sooyeon

However, Bom Sooyeon's agency made a statement claiming that the problematic account is not Bom Sooyeon. The agency claims that someone had impersonated Bom Sooyeon claiming to be her on social media. The agency is currently trying to figure out a way to get the account deleted and are discussing to take legal action.

Meanwhile, Pocket Girls released a digital single "Bang Bang" back in 2015. Bom Sooyeon is known to have already left the group.

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cabbagejuice2,596 pts Wednesday, August 12, 2020 2
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

this article makes it sound like its fact but then it explains that the agency says its an impersonator, so which one is it??


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jack-bean (Banned)2,286 pts Wednesday, August 12, 2020 2
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I don't believe this story.

A woman in Korea is highly unlikely to share photos of her sonogram online and then say "I've been banging chinese guys for money and got pregnant and and now no one will take care of me." There's absolutely benefit to her doing this.

It sounds like a story written by an angry 14 year old boy or a possessive ex-boyfriend but either way It reads like someone made an Instagram account to defame her, which seems to be working because everyone is so busy being shocked that they're not considering it might be fake.


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