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Former AOA member Mina smiles brightly for 'International bnt' pictorial


'International bnt' has released former AOA member/actress Mina's recent pictorial and interview, which took place prior to her accident over the weekend. 

In the pictorial, Mina shows off her bright smile and lovely visuals in a series of floral-themed fashion styles, also using flowers as props. Afterward during her interview, Mina talked about what she's been up to while taking a break from promotions. "I'm doing a lot, like drawing, reading, photography, etc. I'm attending therapy and I also write. I have very sensitive skin so it's very reactive to cosmetic products, so I thought maybe I could try and make my own. I am trying it out now, and I'm obsessed about making skin cream products. I am working hard and dreaming of becoming a cosmetics brand CEO one day," she shared. 

Mina then named singer/actress Lee Jung Hyun as her longtime role model, and that she first dreamed of becoming a singer after watching Lee Jung Hyun on TV. When asked about a slump period she suffered in the past, Mina revealed, "I went through a big slump period when I learned to play the bass as a trainee. I became a trainee because I wanted to sing, dance, and act, but I had no idea that I would be learning the bass. It was really difficult and it was almost bigger than me, so it was very heavy. While I was learning, I wasn't very good and that made me feel like I was causing people trouble, so I felt humiliated." 

What is Mina's formula for happiness? The actress answered, "I think that it is to act. In the past, I never went outside and just stayed at home. Even when I wanted to draw, it would just end with, 'Ah I want to draw'. I've changed a lot nowadays, actually drawing things and even making my own cosmetic products. If you want to do something, I think you need to act on it instead of just thinking about it." 

Finally, Mina expressed her gratitude toward fans for their encouragements. She said, "I had no idea I would receive so many encouragements and cheerful messages. It really boosted my confidence and I'm so grateful. I'm from the south so I'm not good with expressing myself to my fans, so thank you so much. I will try to communicate with fans more in the future." 

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ruben1,283 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 0
Friday, August 14, 2020

its scary to think if what happened last week could end in the wrong way, this pictures and quotes would have a really sad meaning..i really hope she is okay



TheMooseLordLee1,240 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 0
Friday, August 14, 2020

I like her message of instead of thinking about doing something, actually do it. (Obviously in the positive way) I feel like most of us back out of doing things we dream about.



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