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Fans trend #ApologizeToJennie on Twitter after the truth about her "lazy dancing" is revealed


Fans all over the world are trending a hashtag related to BLACKPINK's Jennie on Twitter.

Back in 2018, Jennie faced a controversy, in which many people were accusing her of "dancing lazily" during some BLACKPINK's performances.

After this controversy, Jennie received a bunch of hate. Many BLINKs asked YG to explain the situation, but nothing has been done. However, Jennie apologized, by herself, the day of her birthday, without giving more details on the situation.

Today, After a tweet of the account @notpannchoa - an account that posted a screenshot of Pannchoa's article in order to not let people participate in giving them coins by reading their articles- Many people understood the truth between Jennie's lazy scandal. In this article, Pannchoa explained that Jennie was dancing this way, due to an ankle injury.

BLINKs and many other people who aren't BLACKPINK's or Jennie's fans are trending this hashtag, with tweets apologizing for the free hate she has been through, and mentioning how Jennie was brave to do like nothing happened.

Read the full thread here, for all the explanations: Thread explaining Jennie's lazy scandal

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whatever101745 pts Sunday, August 23, 2020 30
Sunday, August 23, 2020

poor Jennie having an injury all day everyday 365 days a year except when she's promoting her solo music :(


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killthislove002,516 pts Sunday, August 23, 2020 9
Sunday, August 23, 2020

I don't like when fans speculate about idols' physical and mental health. Everyone was saying she was depressed or dealing with anxiety. Now it's an ankle injury. It seems a bit invasive to speculate. But if it was a physical injury why didn't YG issue a statement at the time to defend her? Why just let her receive criticism and speculation about her mental health? And if she was injured they should have let her sit in a chair and just sing and do hand and facial movements. If she did dance on it injured, it probably made things worse! This was handled so poorly by the company.


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