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Posted by moonkun Wednesday, August 19, 2020

5 Idols Who Rocked Green Hair


There are many hair colors chosen by K-pop idols over the years. Blonde and blue hair seem very popular but what about some rarer choices like green hair? Check out 5 Idols Who Rocked Green Hair!

Twice’s Tzuyu

Tzuyu, the Taiwanese maknae of Twice, has dyed her hair in almost all of the colors of the rainbow. Her unmatchable visuals make it easy for her to rock any color and style no matter what kind of concept Twice is challenging. Even so, Tzuyu in green hair remains a ONCE favorite!

According to netizens, Tzuyu in green hair looks strikingly similar to Sailor Neptune from the Sailor Moon series.

It has also been reported that Twice is currently preparing for an album comeback in October of 2020. What hair color do you think Tzuyu will return to the stage with?

NCT's Taeyong 

Taeyong served looks in green hair back in 2017, almost looking like a younger version of the Joker. Taeyong’s green hair was so iconic that many netizens were inspired to dye their hair green as well in the hopes of achieving a similar look.

In a 2017 MAMA performance in Hong Kong, a green-haired Taeyong performed the Hitchhiker remix of I Just and All Around with Red Velvet’s Seulgi. This performance remains one of the most viewed stages from 2017 MAMA, which is no surprise with Taeyong’s striking visuals and the pair’s amazing chemistry as main dancers of their respective groups!


Although 4Minute may have disbanded in 2016, the girl group is still recognized for their fierce girl crush songs. During the Crazy era, Jiyoon, the rapper, made a comeback with dark green hair.

On a Weekly Idol episode, Jiyoon revealed that her iconic green hair was actually a mistake made at the hair salon. Though the former Weekly Idol hosts, Defconn and Hyungdon joked that her green hair looked like seaweed hanging from her head, she was then praised for her cool and chic look.

Since 4Minute, Jiyoon has debuted again under the new stage name, Jenyer, and is working hard as a singer-songwriter as well as a beginning actor.

Super Junior's Eunhyuk 

For Super Junior’s ninth full-length album, Eunhyuk boldly dyed his hair neon green. On an appearance on Knowing Brother (alt. title: Men on a Mission, Ask Us Anything), when told Eunhyuk dyed his hair the way rookies do despite being an idol for almost fifteen years, Eunhyuk stated that he asked the hairstylists for a color that would only make him stand out. And just like that, tennis-ball Eunhyuk was born!

His neon green hair worked perfectly on the Super Clap music video filming set as the blacklight effect was used, allowing his neon green hair to almost glowing in the dark.

Super Junior D&E will be returning with their third studio album in mid-September, and fans are eager to see what color Eunhyuk will dye his hair next!

Momoland's Nancy

Momoland rapidly rose to popularity with their eye-catching visuals, catchy tunes, and addictive dancing during their promotions for Baam. Though the Baam era is over, fans can’t forget Nancy’s vivid green hair. When her green hair was first revealed at the airport prior to the release of Baam, netizens eagerly commented on her beauty and stated that she looked prettier than a fairy in green hair.

Momoland recently released their first full album, Starry Night, in June. Though most of the members decided to go with more neutral hair colors, fans are excited to see if Nancy will ever bring back her bold green hair in the future!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Taeyong could wear any color and he'd pull it off....he has that look where anything looks great on him! That green is especially nice!


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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Eunhyuk really went to the salon and said "make me look like a NCT light stick" and they did it. 😂



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