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Posted by Kelly-Ouyang Saturday, July 18, 2020

Why We Love Kim Heechul, the Star of the Universe


On July 10, Super Junior’s second oldest member, Kim Heechul, turned 37. Here are 7 reasons why we love Kim Heechul, the star of the universe!

1. Dating Twice’s Momo

After Heechul repeatedly referenced Momo’s line in Cheer Up in multiple shows, many fans wondered if Heechul and Momo were in a relationship. However, because of Heechul’s close friendships with many other female idols, including EXID’s Hani, SNSD’s Taeyeon, and AOA’s Seolhyun, the rumors quickly died down. However, in January of 2020, Label SJ and JYP Entertainment confirmed the relationship after denying the allegations back in August. The two were said to have gotten in touch in 2017. Although there is a 13 year age gap between them, this close couple seems to prove that age is just a number.

2. National MC

Super Junior was initially formed as a project group that was intended to disband after a few short months. Heechul began his acting career ooo Although Leeteuk is known as the member with an MC-disease, Heechul is also a decorated host with great MC skills. Some of his most popular broadcasts include Lipstick Prince, Weekly Idol, Idol School, Life Bar, and Love of 7.7 Billion.

3. Imitation King

The Super Junior members love imitating each other, their label mates, and other famous singers, and Heechul is without a doubt the Imitation King among them. He is most known for imitating Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon’s singing style on the show Knowing Brothers (alt. titles Men on a Mission, Ask us Anything). Kyung Hoon stated that he thought Heechul would stop after the first few times because it was so ridiculous, but has grown fond of it, and believes it also helps Buzz promote their music despite being an older-generation group.

4. Sapphire Vocals

In 2006, Heechul was involved in a serious car accident on his way to Seoul from Mokpo after appearing at Super Junior’s Donghae’s father’s funeral. As a result, Heechul fractured his left leg, and was unable to appear in many Super Junior activities due to the intense physical requirements. However, Heechul still showcased his amazing vocals in Super Junior songs in addition to collaborations with other singers. He released Sweet Dream and Falling Blossoms through the show, Knowing Brothers (alt. title Men on a Mission) with Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon.

5. Anti-Smoking Ambassador

On My Little Old Boy, Heechul revealed that one of the things from his youth that he regrets the most is smoking. During his break from activities, Heechul explained that he succeeded in quitting smoking, and during that time, a person he was interested in suggested that it would be good for him to stop smoking. In 2019, Heechul joined the National Health Insurance Service and became a promotional ambassador for anti-smoking to teach other youths about the dangers of smoking.

6. Manner-hands

Although Heechul is known to have many female friends in the entertainment industry, he is praised for his manner-hands and caring nature. Heechul was awarded the title of “Hand of Manners” in an appearance in Entertainment Weekly for his good manners. In many photos and show appearances, Heechul is often careful not to touch female co-stars' shoulders or legs out of respect for their personal space. In an appearance in Life Bar episode 44, Heechul revealed that his nickname in the industry is “Kim Condom,” because of his respectful reputation among female celebrities.

7. Heetube

Heechul’s YouTube Channel, HeeTube, became active in early 2019. He posts a variety of videos allowing fans to catch a glimpse of his life through his Schedule Log series, gaming live-streams, mukbangs, and more. Guests that have been featured on his channel include Super Junior Members, his stylists, as well as his pets, Heebeom and Bok.

Check out his youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCldBBBC3KowWN7ScJRQlZyg

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nooDLes15722 pts Saturday, July 18, 2020 1
Saturday, July 18, 2020

Kim Condom, what a glorious nickname haha


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quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,394 pts Saturday, July 18, 2020 1
Saturday, July 18, 2020

On point number one... Heechul has said that they only became a couple recently (after the news was confirmed) and they didn't really know each other well outside of work before that.


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