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This is why "Lovestagrams" can't be used as credible evidence to suspect celebrity dating


Recently, a netizen posted on an online community a post with the title "The reason Instagram is not trustworthy to infer celebrity dating."

The post was made recently showing photos of BLACKPINK's Rose and singer/ actress Suzy's Instagram posts. These Instagram posts were uploaded back in 2019 when both Rose and Suzy traveled to Paris.

The two celebrities are known to have traveled to Paris for different reasons. Rose went to Paris to attend a Saint Laurent show while Suzy went to Paris to attend a Dior show. The two did not travel together but through pure coincidence, they went on the same flight and went to the same tourist attractions.

After taking photos, Rose and Suzy each uploaded these photos on their Instagram accounts. 

Suzy was seen posting photos of the same location but from different angles. Coincidently, they even returned to Korea on the same date.

After discovering these photos, netizens have commented saying "If one of them were a male celebrity, they'll make the front page on the newspaper.", "People would definitely suspect the two of dating if one of them was a guy.", "Good thing they are both girls.", "If they were a girl and a boy, this would be solid evidence of dating.", "Omg this is so much like a Lovestagram."

In the past, netizens would suspect two celebrities posting a "Lovestagram" on their personal Instagram accounts. These netizen detectives would compare two celebrity Instagram posts and find out that the two celebrities have been in the same location during similar periods. The netizens, in turn, would suspect two celebrities of dating.

The prime example is when netizens suspected actor Park Seo Joon and actress Park Min Young of dating. The netizen investigation team found various similarities to both of their social media accounts reckoning of the two actors dating. However, the two celebrities have denied the dating speculations.

  1. Rose
  2. Suzy
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booitsjwu2,290 pts Monday, July 13, 2020 5
Monday, July 13, 2020

The ultimate irony would be if, after netizens have falsely identified a million different straight "couples", they actually inadvertently discovered that Suzy and Rose are secretly dating but never realize it 'cause they're homophobic.


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Kirsty_LouiseAllkill VIP21,410 pts Monday, July 13, 2020 13
Monday, July 13, 2020

I wish more people would think rationally before throwing out accusations of dating. This proves its entirely possible for two idols to be travelling to the same place for completely different reasons. Dating scandals can be career ruining for an idol, so those accusations should never be thrown around lightly.


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