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Netizens talk about G-Dragon's sister's fashion brand using so many famous models for her new collection


Recently, netizens are talking in an online community about G-Dragon's sister's new collection for her fashion line.

Dami Kwon, G-Dragon's sister, revealed her new collection for spring-summer 2021 on Instagram on July 13th. Since then, netizens are discussing her new fashion collection and noticed she used a lot of famous models.

Some netizens are complimenting the collection for its unique style, while some wonder if these clothes can be worn by everyday people. However, the majority of the netizens are impressed by the models who

are seen posing in the photos wearing Dami Kwon's new collection.

Netizens commented:

"I really don't understand high fashion. Can ordinary people wear these clothes?"

"This is interesting clothing but the models are cool."

"I don't know about women's clothes but the men's clothes look okay to wear."

"I think the clothes aren't made to be worn by us. the models only look good."

"I think GD will look good in the men's clothes that his sister designed."

"Wow, the models are famous models."

"I guess it's good to be G-Dragon's sister since you get to use such famous models so easily."

"Nice to have GD as your brother. Suddenly can get these models to model for you."
"I can't understand the style of these clothing."

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ilidog320 pts Monday, July 13, 2020 3
Monday, July 13, 2020

High fashion is meant to be worn by everyday people, but its also a form of art. Its just a form of expression, and if you connect with the piece then wear it and dont care what anyone else says.


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missymello488 pts Monday, July 13, 2020 2
Monday, July 13, 2020

AllKpop is back at it again, as always. See, I'm amazed by you taking your time to pick the majority of bad comments. " she can work with famous models so easily because she's GD's sister", seriously? Bish she and her friend whom are both creative directors of we11done ran their debut fashion show in PARIS FASHION SHOW, NOT SEOUL FASHION SHOW. the moment they started they aimed for global fashion and global marketing. And you think she's wealthy because she's GD's sister.


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