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SF9 fans furious after seeing member Rowoon working while injured


SF9 appeared on a home shopping channel to sell their goods as they near the end of their promotion.

On July 20th at 1 AM KST, SF9 appeared on CJ ENM's Home Shopping Network as a special guest. They appeared on the home shopping network to sell their new album '9loryUS' along with the towel sets.

What worried fans were all the members looked visibly fatigued since they were nearing the end of their promotion. Also, member Rowoon had hurt his back before so he was advised to not overwork. However, fans were angered when they saw Rowoon appear at the home shopping film studio with crutches to support his back.

SF9 members were live broadcasting right before the home shopping filming when they showed Rowoon walking in with the crutches.

Prior, FNC Entertainment had announced that Rowoon had hurt his back and that FNC Entertainment's best interest is the artist's health. They announced that they would keep the update on Rowoon's recovery and also announce about Rowoon's participation in future activities.

As fans became angered as they watched Rowoon walk in with crutches and not taking time to recover, the fans became furious when they saw what the producer of the home shopping broadcast posted on the live chatbox on the home shopping show. He posted comments telling the fans to stop mentioning about Rowoon being hurt when he was aware that Rowoon was hurt.

Also, fans noticed that the members of SF9 were sitting on uncomfortable stools that had almost no backrest during the home shopping broadcast. They were angered that FNC Entertainment knew that Rowoon was hurt but still made him appear in the home shopping show which was live broadcasted late at night. Fans wondered if SF9 had to appear in a home shopping program at 1 AM in the morning. 

Since then, fans have been angered at both FNC Entertainment and the home shopping broadcast channel.

Here are some of their comments:

"What do we do about our members...lol...I feel like crying. I mean, do they have to go this far?? home shopping? I never thought I would have to watch home shopping at 1 AM as a fangirl. I'm so upset."

"Home shopping at 1 AM at night???"

"FNC Entertainment is a crazy piece of s**t."

"I hate them. They were the ones filming the boys being in pain but then they're telling the fans to stop posting that they're hurting. So ridiculous. Also, they talk to the fans as if they know them. And I hate how the show hosts sound like they're passive-aggressively pushing the members to do stuff. Shouldn't the agency tell their artist to take it easy and don't feel overwhelmed? isn't it the agency's job to protect their artist? They knew Rowoon was hurt and still made him come in crutches." 
"This is very upsetting to see. He's struggling to sit on that chair that doesn't even have a backrest. omg."

"In the end, Rowoon says I'm not hurt don't worry. I'm going to cry."

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Aga_C3,766 pts Monday, July 20, 2020 1
Monday, July 20, 2020

That is bad... what is wrong with FNC lately??


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naazy5,269 pts Monday, July 20, 2020 2
Monday, July 20, 2020

I wish companies would treat their artists better. Rowoon needs times to recover from his injury otherwise he could risk aggravating it. Wishing him the best of health


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