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Onew talks about how the SHINee members reacted to his discharge, gaining strength from fan letters in the military, and more in 'V Live' broadcast


SHINee member Onew has been discharged from his mandatory service in the army on July 20th KST.

Onew took time to speak with fans on the VLive app as he streamed live to talk with them on July 21st. He started the video saying "It's been a while, How have you been? I returned from the army on July 20th."

On this dayOnew seemed a bit nervous as he stated "It's the first time I'm greeting the fans after I returned from my service. It's been a while since I've done this and also I'm alone so I feel very awkward. Um...I prepared a lot so I hope you have a good time."

Onew also expressed his gratitude to the fans who sent him handwritten letters. He said he really want to say thank you to everyone who sent him letters. He stated "I received a lot of letters when I was in the army. They were my energizers while serving in the army. I was able to receive letters while performing in the musical and I enjoyed every day as I received letters. I really wanted to thank everyone."

He also held a Q&A time with fans. Onew had participated in two army musical while being in the army. Fans asked him to share any behind the scenes stories of those musicals and he said what he remembers most about them was that he ran a lot. He said he had played a lot of soccer and that was what he remembered most. He revealed that EXO's Xiumin had gifted uniforms to the soccer team so he remembers playing soccer wearing that uniform.

Fans also asked him what he did during his personal time in the army and he stated "At first, I got a lot of books as gifts when I entered the army so I read a lot of books. Also, I spent a lot of time reading every one of the letters that were sent to me. I realized it's hard to write a letter when I had to write a letter to my family when I was in the army." 

Onew also revealed the scariest thing in the army is when his supervisor was angry. He said that even though he did nothing wrong, he felt scared when his supervisor was mad.

Fans also asked Onew how the other SHINee members felt and how they reacted to him returning from the army. Onew stated that "I always told Taemin that you have to go in fast to come out fast. One hour in the army is different from one hour out in society. I think Taemin is the most envious of me right now." 

He continued to say "Minho and Key also said they'd go to the army when I go. I really think I did a good thing by going to the army fast. I didn't feel much before I was discharged but then I realize I don't need to go back to the army so I feel a sudden surge of joy."

Onew said that he wants to gift Taemin with frozen foods when he enters into the army. Onew stated "There a lot of products at the PX shop in the army base. I think I was able to satisfy my craving with the frozen food that sold there. But I also gained a lot of weight eating them. I also was able to spend a lot of good time with my fellow mates and supervisors so I was happy."

Onew also tried out all the trends that were popular these days since he wasn't able to try them while he was in the army. He also created a flower box for his fans. This flower box will be gifted to one fan through a raffle event on Lysn.

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Welcome back babyy. We missed you a lot.

Hope to see you shinning again very soon.



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