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Fans touched by LOOΠΔ's inclusion of 'non-binary' as a gender on their U.S. promotion page


Earlier today, girl group LOOΠΔ launched a website to gear up for their official U.S. promotions

The website offered fans a chance to sign up for text message updates from LOOΠΔ. The simple process required fans to fill out a profile including their mobile phone numbers, name, gender, etc. 

While filling out the profile form, fans discovered that the page had included "Non-binary" as a gender identity in the form category:

Many fans were touched by the simple, but meaningful gesture, as often times individuals who define themselves as "non-binary" are denominated as "others"

(Non-binary is a gender indentity which falls outside masculine and feminine genders. Non-binary identities can be seen as transgenders since they don't identify with their assigned sex.)

This is not the first time LOOΠΔ has garnered attention for their themes of LGBT+ topics - Yves claimed they were grateful to see fans who find a positive light in the story between Chuu and her in LOONA's videography as a LGBT+ narrative, confirmed the song "Rosy" by Olivie Hye and Go Won is about two girls' love, and more. 

Netizens commented: "I'm non-binary and I feel cared for, thanks", "It's such a small move but it means so much for so many people", "I'm gonna cry of joy, it really means a lot to me", "People are still living in 2020 while LOOΠΔ live in the future", etc. 

Have you signed up to receive promotion updates from LOOΠΔ?

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

LoonA's message to ignorant people:
"We don't want you as fans, take your ignorance and bounce."



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Saturday, August 1, 2020

The people in the comments are mixing up “sex” with “gender”. There are only 2 sexes; male, female (I guess there’s a third if you count intersex). Gender is a social norm. It is commonly associated that men like blue and cars while women like pink and dolls. Being non-binary just means that you don’t identify with those stereotypes. So yes, no matter what you say there are more than 2 social genders. Hope that cleared stuff up



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