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1THE9 talk about end of contract as project group and 'Bad Guy' comeback


1THE9 talked about the end of their upcoming contract as a project group and their comeback with "Bad Guy".

On their first comeback in 8 months, Kim Tae Woo expressed, "Honestly, I'm nervous because it's our first stage in a long time. I'm nervous, but it's a stage we're standing on together, and since we worked hard during the practice period, please look on us kindly. I want to thank the fans who waited for us during these 8 months."

As for what the group's been up to, Lee Seung Hwan shared, "While resting, we honed our skills since we wanted to improve our individual skills. One thing I've become interested in, though I'm not good at it yet, is the piano. I want to write songs, so I've recently been practicing." 

The 'Under 19' project group talked about the end of their contract as well. Jung Jin Sung commented, "My mindset changed a lot because I've spent a lot of time with the members through 1THE9. I learned a lot of things, and I've become more mature mentally." Jeon Do Yum explained, "Since we're a group that has to end, I think we should do our best for each and every stage. Since we each have plans for future promotions, we have to do our best so fans can look forward to that as well." 

Kim Tae Woo added, "We're all planning to return to our companies to promote, but since the members are sad that promotions for 1THE9 are ending. I think there will be new news if fans wait."

Have you watched 1THE9's "Bad Guy" MV?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

they are looking damn fine!



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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Its kind of sad cuz the variety show under19 was suppose to give them pre-debut fans and understand their personalities. However, I feel like the show was a disappointment in general and even when they debuted they did not have much popularity maybe due to the fact that they are not all from the same company and have short contracts unlike other groups that come from the same company with a 7 year contract (I think thats the usual length of the contracts). They couldnt compete with the already popular and well known rookie groups such as TXT and ATEEZ. Anyways I watched under19 and I think some of them have real talent it just takes people to give them a chance. I hope they can continue on their journey even after the contract is over. Does anyone know how long their contract was?


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