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TWICE thank Mina for her courage in returning to promotions + talk about games, dieting, & wishes for 2020


In light of their recent comeback with the release of their 9th mini album 'More & More', TWICE answered various questions and shared their thoughts with their beloved fans, ONCE!

Check out what TWICE had to say, below!

Q: Mina rejoined the group for this comeback. You must be feeling so many emotions?

Jihyo"More than anything, I am thankful. I'm so happy that all of us are together again, all because Mina brought up the courage. I'm happy to be able to show fans our image as 9-members again."

Chaeyoung"Whenever there are difficulties in life, what comforts me the most is having the members, so I'm very thankful for Mina unnie bringing up her courage like this. When we promoted as 8-members on stage during our last promotions, we felt Mina's missing spot. It's so great that we are able to fill the stage with all 9-members now."

Tzuyu"I'm also thankful for Mina unnie's courage. TWICE shine brightest when we are 9-members."

Q: Anything new things you want to share with your fans?

Nayeon"We recently recorded a clip of all of us taking the MBTI personality test. I didn't really have much interest in it before, but I've become interested in it now after taking it for myself."

Jungyeon: "I'm obsessed about this 'Netmarble' card game with Jihyo and Mina. I've also started following a diet meal plan, and I've cut out carbs." 

Momo"The fans already know this, but I've started living with a dog named Boo. I'm focussing on taking care of Boo these days."

Mina: "I've come to love listening to the sound of rain at night, so these days I go to sleep listening to rain noise videos or videos of thunderstorms."

Sana"I'm obsessed with bath salts these days, since I enjoy taking baths. I actually used to not like grapefruit scents, but these days I've found a grapefruit scent that I like." 

Q: What goals do you want to achieve in 2020?

Nayeon: "I want to meet our fans more than anything, and I want to perform in front of our fans more than anything."

Jungyeon: "I want to see our ONCE! And I want to try filming more CFs with the members."

Chaeyoung: "I want TWICE and ONCE to all be happy in 2020! Personally, I want to get my driver's license."

Dahyun: "I want to see our ONCE more often this year." 

Tzuyu"As TWICE, I want to greet our ONCE all over the world. Personally, I want to cut back on carbs and sweets." 

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-ashley1,906 pts Friday, June 5, 2020 0
Friday, June 5, 2020

im so glad mina is back and twice is back to ot9. hopefully mina feels better. the comeback was so nice and REALLY aesthetic as well!!!!



megumishimizuu886 pts Friday, June 5, 2020 0
Friday, June 5, 2020

I send positive vibes to them.



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