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TWICE talk about their new obsessions, new hobbies, & new things they've learned about one another


On June 2, TWICE appeared as guests on SBS power FM radio program, 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time'!

During the radio, the TWICE members answered various questions inspired by the tracks from their 9th mini album, 'More & More'. First, while discussing their comeback choreography, Dahyun complimented fellow member Tzuyu's overall improvements. She said, "Tzuyu has become so diligent lately. She is very diligent at pilates and working out." Tzuyu explained, "At first, I didn't really enjoy it. It was very difficult. But after trying it for a while, I noticed how different my body felt when dancing, and how I could control my strength. Now I'm starting to enjoy it more." 

Next, when asked about how TWICE tend to refresh themselves with a breath of clean "Oxygen", Momo answered, "By eating. I'm obsessed with avocados these days. I like eating avocados with tuna. I ate the same thing for 4 days straight once." 

Continuing off the topic of food, almost half of the group's members including Jihyo, Jungyeon, Tzuyu, and Momo raised their hands when asked about the worst cooks of the team. Nayeon pointed out, "Tzuyu has discovered how fun it is to use delivery apps lately. She seems so happy when we order out." Tzuyu again explained, "The delivery is done so well these days. I think it's fun to see exactly when they left, and their entire route." 

After listen to "Make Me Go", the TWICE members talked about some of their most recent "go" purchases. Jungyeon said an electric mosquito swatter, while Sana said, "I recently bought 5 pairs of shoes at once." Nayeon observed with laughter, "I think Sana likes to relieve stress by buying shoes. She has a specific place where she keeps the newest shoes." Sana added on, "I like to wear shoes without heels." 

Finally, Momo revealed that she recently adopted a dog. Jungyeon commented, "I think because she adopted a dog recently, Momo's motherly side has come out. It feels like her sense of responsibility has become stronger." 

Have you listened to all of the songs from TWICE's comeback mini album 'More & More'?

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westilham95-258 pts Tuesday, June 2, 2020 1
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Jeongyeon is just drop dead gorgeous!!!


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Anandita2238 pts Tuesday, June 2, 2020 1
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

They seem to ge long so well

its difficult for 5 years straight to be a group of 9...many people start to have conflicts but twice members seem to be good at managing themselves and their Group members.


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