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How netizens are reacting to the news that Nate will remove comments from entertainment articles


On June 30th, "Nate News" announced that they will be removing the public comment sections from all entertainment news articles starting July 7th.

'Nate News' revealed, "We have taken into consideration the concerns of many of our users, who felt that public comments under entertainment news articles are inflicting more harm than good on celebrities, TV programs, etc; as a result, as of July 7, public comment services under all entertainment news articles will come to an end."

The news platform continued, "User comments posted prior to July 7 will be viewable and adjustable even after the public comment service comes to an end, through the 'My Comments' tab within each individual account. We also notify that as of July 7, the 'My Comments' tab containing all comments previously posted by an individual user will be made viewable by other users."

As a response to this announcement, netizens on Nate Pann are having a conflicting perspective on the disabled commenting section.

Netizens comments on Nate Pann include:

"I feel that freedom of speech is being limited"

"Are they crazy? Seems like they are trying to oppress our freedom of speech. This limits a venue where the people's voice can be heard"

"It's not freedom of speech if it causes another person to become hurt or even die"

"Freedom of speech is not to stab people using your fingertips"

"They should just change the comment section to have people post under their real names instead"

"Shouldn't they find better ways to catch people who write mean comments?"

You can read more on this article and find out about the disabled comment section on Nate News' entertainment articles here.

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borahae6,485 pts Tuesday, June 30, 2020 0
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

once "freedom of speech" becomes pure hate and malice, you do not get to have that freedom.

P.S. I'll repeat here too: allkpop, TAKE NOTE from Nate.



pso2311 pts Tuesday, June 30, 2020 0
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

ANOTHER article based on comments made by those pesky 'netizens'. Will AKP ever use reliable sources for their news articles? Tune in next week to find more quality articles such as 'Netizens are furious that celeb A farted in public' and 'Netizens are demanding Celeb B apologize for wearing a skirt above her ankles in broad daylight' and the eternal favourite of AKP, 'Netizens demand Celeb C retires from the entertainment industry because their mother's, aunt's dentist's grandmother took pain medication that was under Celeb C's poodle's name".



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