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Which boy and girl groups are the most synchronized?


On June 21st, YouTuber techie_ray released a video calculating the accuracy of the dance synchronization of boy and girl groups. 

Calculated and evaluated by a computer, the video gives a percentage of how each boy group is synchronized. The boy group video went viral and surpassed a million views. 

techie_ray explained his method, saying, "I used MACHINE LEARNING and MATH to analyze the SYNCHRONIZATION LEVELS of Kpop's top boy groups including BTS, EXO, SHINee, GOT7, NCT, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X and more. No bias, no prejudice - just pure math. The results are purely based on the computer's strict calculations. No one is obliged to agree with its results. All groups mentioned in this video are highly talented in their own ways, and I have much respect for their hard work and dedication."

Here is the outcome of the computer analysis:

Boy groups:

SHINee 89.34%

TXT 93.00%

BTS 87.77%

GOT7 89.49%

MONSTA X 90.36%

NCT Dream 91.47%

WayV  85.53%

EXO 86.19%

NCT 127  91.98%

Stray Kids 92.17%

First Place: Seventeen 95.77%

Following the boy group that went viral, a girl group version was released on June 29.

Girl groups:



GFRIEND 93.79%

(G) I-DLE  90.12% 

IZTY 94.42%

Red Velvet 89.79%

CLC 91.96%

Dream Catcher 94.55%

Oh My Girl 92.65%

Weki Meki 94.09%

Momo Land 93.17%

TWICE 92.77%

Cosmic Girls 94.52%

LOONA 94.72%

First Place: IZ*ONE 95.87%

Netizens commented:
"What's with IZ*ONE...They're super good"

"The program is freaking fascinating lol also they all have high numbers"

"This is dope...they all have synchronization of at least 89%"

"Seventeen at 95.77%, amazing"

"Wow so interesting...all of them are all good at dancing"

"Seventeen and IZ*ONE have a lot of members but still have crazy synchronization"

"The person who analyzed this is amazing and also the idol groups are amazing"

Are you surprised by the results?

  2. BTS
  3. CLC
  4. Cosmic Girls
  5. Dream Catcher
  7. EXO
  8. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  9. (G)I-DLE
  10. GOT7
  11. ITZY
  12. IZ*ONE
  13. LOONA
  14. Momoland
  15. MONSTA X
  16. WayV
  17. NCT 127
  18. NCT Dream
  19. Oh My Girl
  20. Red Velvet
  21. Seventeen
  22. SHINee
  23. Stray Kids
  24. TWICE
  25. TXT
  26. Weki Meki
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Dino_Saur1,141 pts Tuesday, June 30, 2020 2
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

people always say that with more members, it is easier to look synchronized. that is false to the MAX. i was part of a dance team, and me and 12 other people covered seventeen, and staying in sync was SO tough. we were probably 75-80% synchronized. seventeen is just THAT good. kudos to izone also! they also have some beautiful and insane choreo.


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Kopano127 pts Tuesday, June 30, 2020 5
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

then you also have to factor in the difficulty of the choreo... SVT are really out of this world good


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