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ONF's two leaders Hyojin & J-Us explain their opposite leadership habits


ONF's two leaders Hyojin and J-Us sat down with 'News1' this week as a part of the media outlet's leader-interview series, to explain how they work together in leading the group. See how different Hyojin and J-Us's roles are as the two leaders of ONF, below. 

Q: Please introduce yourselves.

A: Hyojin - "I'm the leader of ONF's ON team, Hyojin. I'm the main vocalist."

J-Us - "I'm the leader of the OFF team, J-Us. I'm in charge of dance and vocals." 

Q: It's interesting that ONF has two leaders.

A: J-Us - "Hyojin and I have very different personalities. At first, Hyojin seemed to fit the role of leader well so I thought, 'Do I really need to be a second leader', but it turns out the team also needed some of my straightforwardness."
Hyojin - "I'm the type to comfort the members, and J-Us is the type to scold them."

J-Us - "I'm usually a bright person, but during practice I tend to be very strict." 

Q: At first glance, it seems like Hyojin is the strict leader and J-Us is the calm leader, but is it the opposite?

A: Hyojin - "Yes. J-Us actually becomes calmer in front of cameras, but I get more antsy. I feel that we should try to avoid making mistakes even more when on camera, so I become more nervous." 

Q: What type of leader do you think you are personally?

A: Hyojin - "They tell me that I'm the leader who takes care of everyone. I'm in charge of helping the members save their individual problems."

J-Us - "I'm a decisive leader? I always come down with a firm hand when making decisions. I don't like to talk in roundabout ways."

Q: How do you resolve problems within the group?

A: Hyojin - "During our trainee days, we had a lot of conflict and fought often. But we worked it out by talking to one another."

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kcortez-dzul101 pts Friday, May 1, 2020 0
Friday, May 1, 2020

They sound like a married couple deciding on how to raise their kids



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Friday, May 1, 2020

Love their dynamic, love the group.



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