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Netizens debate appropriateness of NCT Dream member Jaemin's word choice on recent 'Haechan Radio'


During a recent episode of NCT's 'Haechan Radio' uploaded on May 14, NCT Dream member Jaemin made a comment toward the end of the program which stirred controversy among netizens. 

Each of the members were asked to go around and give their final remarks on appearing as guests of 'Haechan Radio'. When it came Jaemin's turn, he said, 

"Uh... first, I had a great time being on the radio program of such a famous, and retarded... and well-known, and smart DJ, our Sun-D, everyone... and I hope that everyone will continue to love our Dreamies' new album and 'Ridin'' until the end, and I'll wrap it up here." 

The word choice in Jaemin's comment which stirred up controversy was the word "저능" (pronounced "jeo-neung"), which translates to "having lower mental capability compared to an average person, either born with such a condition or developing it through an illness". The word can considered similar to the denigrating English term, "retarded". 

In addition to the controversial word choice of his speech, the incident also garnered mixed reactions from netizens due to the members' immediate reactions. Most of the members burst into laughter when Jaemin paused momentarily after saying "Jeo-neung", while DJ Haechan jokingly made a sad face. 

While it seems that among the NCT Dream members, the word choice was taken as a joke in light of carrying out a fun and lighthearted broadcast, some netizens still expressed their discomfort with the term. Those who felt offended by Jaemin's word choice took to Twitter to trend the hashtag, #DREAMAPOLOGIZE

You can catch Jaemin's final comments of the radio program in the full clip below (~28:14 mark).

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PinKookiE681 pts Thursday, May 14, 2020 1
Thursday, May 14, 2020

I wonder if it's too difficult to make some research by yourself and not just copy paste things? Otherwise you would have mentioned that it was a slur and he corrected himself immediately after he made the mistake. At the end the actual problem was everyone laughing at Jaemin's initial word.


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popularit4,590 pts Thursday, May 14, 2020 1
Thursday, May 14, 2020

blowing things out of proportions again are we smh


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