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Kim Jong Kook goes on the hunt to catch the 'criminal' who pink-ified his house on 'My Little Old Boy'


On the May 3 episode of SBS's 'My Little Old Boy', someone sneaked into Kim Jong Kook's home and pink-ified the place!

On this episode, Kim Jong Kook returned home and turned the lights on in his living to find the entire place, pink-ified! All of the furniture including his sofa, his table, his television, and even his workout equipment had been covered in pink, topped with a fuzzy pink carpet, fluffy pink cushions, and even pink items like paper towels, ladles, shelving, and more decorated the kitchen! In the refrigerator, the "culprit" left behind a special gift - pink strawberry milk and strawberries.

When Kim Jong Kook went to check his bedroom and the small room he used as a closet space, the bedsheets had also been pink-ified, and the messy clothes in the extra room had been stored neatly in pink drawers. 

Fuming, Kim Jong Kook decided to apprehend the "criminal". First, he called his good friend DinDin, who denied the crime by saying, "I had a live radio broadcast." DinDin then coined Yang Se Chan as the potential culprit, after which Kim Jong Kook promptly called Yang Se Chan to his house!

Arriving at Kim Jong Kook's, Yang Se Chan burst into laughter as he commented, "It's so bright! You decorated a newlywed couples' home." However, he also added, "You're not suspecting me, right? It's not me. I'm on your side." Later on, comedian Yoo Se Yoon also arrived with a confused expression, asking, "Was this house always like this?"

Kim Jong Kook then went on to threaten Yang Se Chan and Yoo Se Yoon for answers in different rooms. Due to a text message from DinDin, who claimed that Yang Se Chan wanted to go "hang out" at Kim Jong Kook's house that day, Kim Jong Kook accused Yang Se Chan as the "criminal". However, it turns out, the pink-ified home was actually the work of Kim Jong Kook's two managers! Check out Kim Jong Kook's pink-ified house for yourself, below!

  1. Kim Jong Kook
  2. Yang Se Chan
  3. Yoo Se Yoon
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gassygasgas11 pts Sunday, May 3, 2020 0
Sunday, May 3, 2020

The attack of SpartaKook 🤣



nina97x8,289 pts Sunday, May 3, 2020 4
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Real estate must be really expensive in korean. Korean celebs are living in the tiniest apartments in shows like this and I live alone. I was surprised by some of their apartments.


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