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Fans share meanings behind Taeyeon's tattoos + Taeyeon's cute reaction when fans want to get their own tattoos


Did you know that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon boasts several tattoos? How about the meanings behind them?

One fan of Taeyeon has compiled the idol singer's responses when asked about her tattoos, including their meanings, which tattoo hurt the most, and more. Read below to find out!

Fan: Unnie, what does the tattoo on your shoulder mean?
Taeyeon: My name is 'Taeyeon'
Taeyeon: So I should be 'Tae-yeon~' (tae-yeon can mean 'cool, relaxed, unfazed' in Korean)
Taeyeon: I should live cool~
Taeyeon: Cool and Taeyeon mean the same thing, right?
Taeyeon: So I got a tattoo of my name

Fan: What about your other ones?
Taeyeon: The one behind my neck
Taeyeon: Says 'purpose'
Taeyeon: It means to always have the right purpose
Taeyeon: So I wanted to have that meaning ingrained on me
Taeyeon: And I wanted to live not forgetting that
Taeyeon: That's why I got it
Taeyeon: It's a word I really like

Taeyeon: The one behind my left ear
Taeyeon: I'm a Pisces
Taeyeon: So it's a Pisces tattoo

Taeyeon: On my fingers
Taeyeon: I have a lot of them
Taeyeon: Whenever I release new title songs
Taeyeon: I just get the title tattooed on my fingers
Taeyeon: It's just a cute little thing

Taeyeon: The one on the back of my ear did not hurt at all
Taeyeon: That one was my first one
Taeyeon: I think because that one didn't hurt at all
Taeyeon: That's how I started just getting a bunch more
Taeyeon: But you guys, you shouldn't just get them for the sake of it
Taeyeon: You'll regret...

Fan: What about on your elbow? Did that one hurt?
Taeyeon: It bled while I was getting it
Taeyeon: It hurt so much TT
Taeyeon: Wow, guys, it seriously hurts

The Q&A session above wasn't the first time that Taeyeon advised her fans not to treat tattoos lightly, as she often told fans not to get tattoos, especially when they asked about getting tattoos of her. 

When one fan came and showed Taeyeon a tattoo related to the singer, Taeyeon's reaction:

"I told you not to get that!"

What do you think of Taeyeon's advice to fans on tattoos? Do you have any K-Pop related tattoos of your own?

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all of her songs was so bad. these privilege idols/groups are cringy asf 🤮😬


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