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Big Hit Entertainment apologizes for Jim Jones sample on Agust D track; removes sample from further versions


Big Hit Entertainment has officially apologized for the Jim Jones sample on Suga's song "What Do You Think?" and announced that they have removed it from the track.

The track, which appears on the BTS rapper's latest Agust D mixtape 'D-2', originally featured a segment of a speech by the voice of the People's Temple cult leader, who was responsible for the Jonestown Massacre, which resulted in the death of over 900 people and was considered the largest single-day loss of American civilian life through a deliberate act prior to the September 11 attacks.

According to the agency, they were not aware of the source of the sample and its implications and added that Suga has also expressed a deep sense of responsibility and embarrassment due to the error. The producer who worked on the song did not know who the speaker was and selected the sample in consideration of the song's atmosphere.

"The company followed our internal process and proceeded with the process of verifying the appropriateness of the content, but we did not recognize that it was an inappropriate sample in the selection and inspection process and included it in the song,"
the agency explained.

The statement then clarified that they make an effort to screen their content for social, cultural, or historical problems that can occur, but experience limitations in understanding and responding to all situations. In the case of the Jim Jones sample, they were not aware it would be an issue in advance, lacking understanding of the historical and social implications in relation to it.

"We would like to apologize to anyone who was hurt or felt uncomfortable because of this,"
they continued. "After confirming the problem, that portion was immediately deleted, and the song was reissued."

Meanwhile, 'D-2' was released on May 22, with "What Do You Think?" being one of ten tracks in total.

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orafi744 pts Sunday, May 31, 2020 43
Sunday, May 31, 2020
How is it even possible not to know who you are sampling? I call it bs.


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aqualili143 pts Sunday, May 31, 2020 7
Sunday, May 31, 2020

Bullshit. You're telling me that a professional producer, who decided to include the speech from the cult leader, had no idea who the man speaking was? Please. Imagine you're putting out a song, and a producer sends you a track and you hear a random man speaking in a foreign language. You wouldn't ask who it is? You wouldn't ask what the man is saying on YOUR song? You'll just be like 'oh, okay. idk what's going on or who it is or what he's saying but I'll go with it'? They all knew who JJ was and what he did, they're not stupid. Only now they're pretending to be, and the statement only proves it further. They should've just been honest in the statement. As a long time army, it pains me to see how ignorant and toxic this fandom can be.


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