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JTBC's '7.7 Billion Love' and 'Money Road' to come to an end this month


According to media outlet reports on April 9, JTBC's weekday evening programs '7.7 Billion Love' and 'Money Road' will both be coming to an end some time in mid-April. 

Reports say that due to the severe effects of the COVID19 pandemic on the entertainment economy, many broadcasting stations are losing out on advertisement deals, which also means cutting down program budgets. As a result, JTBC has decided to cut back on costs by bringing '7.7 Billion Love' and 'Money Road' to an end first. 

It's likely that JTBC is considering ending both '7.7 Billion Love' and 'Money Road' after 12-episodes each. 

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Winston4,113 pts Thursday, April 9, 2020 2
Thursday, April 9, 2020

a lot of comments are talking about how the show got worse after the topic was changed, while i agree partially, i think you cant blame the PD for it, imagine if your country was hit so badly with the virus (during the Daegu outbreak), i think viewers also dun have the mood to watch them talk about "love topics" in other countries and submit happy and fun topic to discuss on the show.

I was okay with them talking about the Covid-19 if its ONLY for 1 episode, but was sad when it continued on to the next week, talking about Stocks market and such, which is really not the whole point.

they went on to talk about technical topics like Cryto-currency, investing, and which sectors to focus on.

which i find that even the MCs like Heechul and Yoo In Na was clueless about and cant participate much.

The next week's topic went on to talk about the "Nth Room scandal" which i feel seems to move off topic also.

Frankly i rather the PD, put the show on a 1 month 'Hiatus" and have special programs take the slot, and have a return later. then continue with such topics.


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BakaKaori476 pts Thursday, April 9, 2020 1
Thursday, April 9, 2020

I'm not really surprised 7.7 Billion Love is coming to an end. I liked the show, but the last few episodes they changed their structure and basically became Abnormal Summit. I would love to see Abnormal Summit be rebooted, but I can understand that that's not what the 7.7 billion love audience was expecting when tuning into the show.


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