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Big entertainment label CEO being investigated on charges of sexually assaulting employee


'A', a CEO of a label that has many famous celebrities, is being investigated under charges of sexually assaulting an employee.

According to Newsis, CEO 'A', who is 45 years old, was being investigated. His case was forwarded to the prosecutors on January 29th. He is being investigated for sexually assaulting 'B', who was drunk, on December 5th last year in Gangnam's Chungdam-dong. He had originally denied being involved, but later admitted to charges.

'A' is the CEO of a label that has veteran actors and popular TV personalities. He debuted in the 90s as a singer, and had succeeded as a label CEO. After the situation, he has stepped down as CEO. His photo and introduction are reported to have been deleted from the company page as well.

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hreyA_onEViP2,062 pts Sunday, April 19, 2020 8
Sunday, April 19, 2020

Damn my eyes, I hate them. I literally read the title as BigHit and my heart slipped a beat.


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topsyoxy74 pts Sunday, April 19, 2020 20
Sunday, April 19, 2020

For those thinking it's someone from the Big 3, it's not. The only hit we have to go on is that he's 45 y.o.

- SM CEO, Nam So Young 52y.o

- JYP CEO, Jung Wook, 48y.o

- YG CEO (let's be real, it's still Yang Hyun-Suk 50y.o and his brother Yang Min-Suk 46y.o)

- BigHit CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk 47y.o


- Pledis CEO, Han seong-Su 39y.o

- StarShip CEO, Kim Si Dae, 49y.o

- FNC CEO, Han Seong-hi, 46y.o


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