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Portland travel guide author thanks Kang Daniel after surge in book’s sales following premiere of ‘Hello, Daniel’


The first episode of Kang Daniel's new travel reality show 'Hello, Daniel' aired on March 4 and prompted a wave of sales for the travel guide If You Want to Live in Portland.

Kang Daniel presented the book on the plane on the way over to Portland, explaining to viewers that he had used it to plan out his trip since it had been a while since he had traveled. Soon after the episode aired, his fans found the travel guide and ordered it en masse, surprising its makers the next morning.

The publishing company Mojosa Publishing conveyed gratitude about the surge in sales:

What just happened overnight?
Checking the book orders this morning, we found that huge amounts of this book were ordered from all the bookstores.
We looked it up and it's because of the variety program 'Hello, Daniel' on SBS FiL.
The book Kang Daniel brought to Portland is oursㅎㅎㅎ
During these difficult times, we are so thankful to Kang Daniel ^^
Author Lee Young Rae @yr.aichele must feel that her hard work writing this book about Portland has paid off.

The book's author then chimed in with her thanks:

Something great happened overnight. Kang Daniel showed my 4-year-old book on his new SBS travel variety and to my surprise, orders started coming in to the publishing company this morning❤️ (These days have been difficult financially so this is amazing!! @mojosa7)
These days, due to the difficult situation in Korea, I've been worried about my family and friends, so I hope the Portland travels in 'Hello, Daniel' are refreshing to watch for those who are not able to go out freely.
I will watch the broadcast soon 🙏🏻

She later uploaded an Instagram story showing the book trending high on Yes24 bookstore.

It also topped Kyobo bookstore's travel book ranking.

'Hello, Daniel' airs on SBS FiL on Wednesdays at 7pm and on SBS MTV on Saturdays at 7pm. Fans can also find glimpses of Kang Daniel's Portland adventures on the show's Instagram account.

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dacry231,074 pts Thursday, March 5, 2020 0
Thursday, March 5, 2020

Kang Daniel had prove once again his great impact in people, and how that impact has good results, helping others with struggles... The first case was the "The spring home" plushie Daniel hugged in Wanna One go in 2017. It got sold out, and helped that company to not go into bankruptcy, Daniel became their model later... The small flowery shop in Busan, where Daniel bought a bucket for his mother, or the menu Daniel ate in a vlive, made the restaurant where he bought it, call that menu like 'the Kang daniel menu' due to the overwhelming response by public... And other examples... Daniel's influence is always daebak

19 (+20 / -1)
kirinator572 pts Thursday, March 5, 2020 0
Thursday, March 5, 2020

I am glad that the struggling publisher got sales again because of this. Though it's a repeat phenomenon, I never thought this book will have sudden high sales like this. The show is really great, and makes the viewers love Portland.

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