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The most well-known K-Pop idols by the general public, according to IDN Times


According to IDN Times, these are the most well-known K-Pop idols by the General Public, which includes those who listen to K-Pop as well as those who do not:

Kpop Boy Groups (In no particular order):

• SIWON (Super Junior)

• G-DRAGON (Big Bang)



Kpop Girl Groups (In no particular order):


• YOONA (Girls' Generation)
• CL (2NE1)


• IRENE (RedVelvet)

  1. G-Dragon
  2. Lisa
  3. Jungkook
  4. Sehun
  5. YoonA
  6. Hwa Sa
  7. Taeyong
  8. Irene
  9. Siwon
  10. CL
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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Totally Agree! 👍👍👍 they are

Yoona and Gdragon have always been the Most Known Members of their kpop groups by the General Public (national and international), Yoona and Gdragon are the faces of their kpop groups (snsd and bigbang), Yoona and Gdragon are so damn multi-talented, and also very intelligent and genius which has allowed them to work and be recognized in different industries.

YOONA and GD are the Richest members of their groups and also the MOST AWARDED SOLO ARTISTS of SM & YG (based on legal and real awards) Of All times. Yoona is also the strongest, the prettiest and the most multi-talented member of her group snsd which has allowed her to work in different industries such as kpop industry, film industry, kdrama industry, beauty & fashion industry, cdrama industry, Variety Show industry, and etc industries. Yoona is also a true philanthropist and activist which has allowed her to be known among the philanthropist and activist groups worldwide, Currently Yoona became the face/Image of Korea. Yoona is also an icon of Beauty&Fashion, Gdragon is the bigbang member who has composed and produced more songs and videos which has give him a great recognition in the music industry, he is also a producer and director in kpop industry, he is also an icon of fashion. YOONA and GDRAGON are The GREAT LEGENDS!


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galspop186 pts Thursday, February 6, 2020 1
Thursday, February 6, 2020

i kinda agree with this because when you say/ask about their groups to non kpop fans, most people will say these names


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