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Some Seventeen fans are organizing a protest in front of Pledis Entertainment's Building


Some Seventeen fans are organizing a protest in front of Pledis Entertainment's building after news that the group will join WeVerse was revealed. 

The fact was addressed at Big Hit's corporate briefing on February 5th. WeVerse is a global fan community platform launched by online platform developer beNX, a company that is a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment. Many fans believe that Seventeen's addition to the platform indicates that their label might be acquired by Big Hit following rumors that the acquisition was already in process.

A Twitter account has been established for the protest where information regarding the group's activities is posted. 

What do you think of this situation? 

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SharCx434 pts 23 days ago 6
23 days ago

protesting cause of Weverse, i'm fucking dead lmfao. such MELODRAMA


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maknaekpop196 pts 23 days ago 17
23 days ago
Seventeen is the the 2nd biggest sellers & concert attendees & social media trendsetter, but when Pledis pulls these acts its what people only see.... sad.

I'm not even gonna sugarcoat this. The amount of nasty comments SVT got from other fandom after daesang & what not, imagine SVT going to WEVERSE & seeing those?
Our fancafe is so much special to us. Pledis is earning more than enough. Why strip us off of happiness for some money?
Instagram & weverse is nothing same. In IG they can just mute notifs & be done with it. But in weverse they will be FORCED to interact with fans & see what people there post. Its like an open invitation to negativity in life. Carats don't want that. It's to protect them.

It's okay if others do unnecessary protest for views or news, but if Carats hold a protest to protect the boy's health and well being, people think it's stupid. The problem is that all of you are not informed about the facts. Don't talk if you know nothing.


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