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Rapper VINXEN apologizes for inconsiderately referencing the late Jonghyun & Sulli in response to malicious netizen comments


On January 16, rookie rapper VINXEN's label Romantic Factory issued an official apology on behalf of their artist, in light of recent controversies quickly spreading via various online communities. 

[WARNING: Content below may be triggering.]

Back on January 15, a female 'A' posted a series of text messages via SNS, claiming that she used to be VINXEN's girlfriend and that he had cheated on her. The messages also contained conversations hinting that VINXEN was suffering from depression symptoms, exhibiting negative behavior in front of 'A'. 

When the post garnered attention via online communities, VINXEN took to his Instagram to respond with concerning words, as he wrote, "All I can give you is music, love, and gratefulness. Nothing more. If you're leaving, then just go. Stop making me want to die."

However, netizens continued to flock to VINXEN's Instagram with malicious comments and threats. In rebuttal, VINXEN lashed out by stating, "I do have depression. My mind's been screwed like this since I was 14-years old." The rapper then mentioned the late musicians Jonghyun and Sulli, writing, "You guys curse at people for dying, so make fun of me after I'm dead."

Now, VINXEN's management company has stepped forward to apologize for the rapper's words. According to Romantic Factory, VINXEN has been suffering from a flood of hate comments, and affected by his depression symptoms, he lashed out via SNS in an unsteady state of mind. The agency continued, "VINXEN is entirely at fault without any opportunity for excuses for bringing up the late musicians Jonghyun and Sulli during his recent bursts. He is also currently regretting these actions heavily, and is greatly distressed out of apologetic feelings. Both VINXEN and our company bow our heads in apology for inconsiderately mentioning the late musicians. We promise to monitor our artists' words and actions more cautiously from here on, and take full responsibility."

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83degrees2,933 pts Wednesday, January 15, 2020 1
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

So the people that bully him get an apology because he told THEM the results that come from their actions?.....Ok


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nnani2,689 pts Wednesday, January 15, 2020 0
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wait no? He is NOT entirely at fault. In fact he's the victim wtf? He was speaking facts. Y'all don't give a rats ass until someone is dead. You bully and harass someone which drives them to the point of suicide and then when news breaks out someone has passed you're suddenly "this is so sad. So many people are taking their lives, we need to put an end to this" then you go right back to the SAME SHIT. What the fuck? Stop printing the bad guys innocent. Korea needs to learn to stop kissing the wrong people's asses. Netizens and trolls need to be held responsible for their actions, not the person they're harassing and bullying. You should be protecting and defending them, not taking the other's side and apologizing for no reason -_-



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