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Major 9 Entertainment accuses 'Unanswered Questions' of cutting their 6-hour interview and editing out all the proof they showed to show no sajaegi


Major 9 Entertainment fought back against 'Unanswered Questions'.

The label claimed that out of the 6-hour interview that they had with SBS, the station only used 3 scenes, and none from the parts where they gave proof of their innocence. It further pointed out that the broadcast was edited in such a way that assumed guilt, and that it did not actually provide any concrete proof that there was sajaegi.

They claimed that during the interview, they requested that certain artists and songs be revealed explicitly to prevent damage to artists that had not committed sajaegi. However, when they asked 'Unanswered Questions' about what happened after the broadcast, the station stated that they could not reveal the artist and they could only hand over the data to investigators.

As for the proof that they apparently gave 'Unanswered Questions' but was not answered, they revealed that they used 20 million KRW on average per song (17,000 USD). They also revealed that the amount of money that was required for sajaegi was actually more than what the production fees were, and that it would make no sense for labels to take such action. When pointed out they could receive money from other activities when songs did well, Major 9 answered that even the 8 events that the accused artist went to in 2019, there was only a profit of 2-4,000,000 KRW (1.7k-3.4k USD) for the year, which is then split again between the artist and label, coming out to not much profit at all.

Major 9 was also asked why all their songs succeeded but answered that they released 24 songs from July 2017-April 2018. Out of those, only 8 songs managed to rank in the top 3 on Melon's daily chart, and 2 more songs managed to receive profit because they were in the middle of the chart, meaning most of their songs actually did not succeed. 

The label also said that they explained all this and more in the 6-hour interview that was cut from 'Unanswered Questions', and that it was impossible to say something so complicated in a short press conference or something similar. They are also willing to release the information that they gave 'Unanswered Questions' during their 6-hour interview, as well as the KakaoTalk and email messages that were exchanged with 'Unanswered Questions'.

Major 9 ended by saying that they would be active in getting to the bottom of the investigations.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

I hope itll be solved quickly



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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Major9 has spoken, you guys are dead.



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