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LOOΠΔ's HaSeul unable to participate in '#' comeback promotions due to anxiety disorder


On January 8, LOOΠΔ's management label Block Berry Creative issued an official statement, notifying fans regarding member HaSeul's health conditions. 

Block Berry Creative revealed, "According to the doctor's diagnosis, HaSeul is currently suffering from repetitive anxiety disorder and must receive rest as well as focussed treatment in order to recover fully. Back on December 14, HaSeul chose to stand on stage during 'Premier Greeting - Meet & Up' due to her strong will to meet with the fans, but as her anxiety disorder conditions continue to persist, we have come to the decision that it would be best for her to focus on treatments instead of taking part in her schedules." 

The label continued, "It will take some time for HaSeul to fully recover, and so we have decided that she will not participate in the group's '#' comeback promotions. We ensure that this decision was reached after a lengthy discussion with HaSeul as well as her parents."

Finally, Block Berry Creative stated that LOOΠΔ will be promoting as 11-members for the time being, and that HaSeul will return to promotions once she has fully recovered from her illness, and once she feels ready to stand on stage again. 

Get well soon, HaSeul!

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kentv628 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 1
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I am glad companies are finally starting to take mental health issues more seriously and not forcing idols out there when they are having an issue that they tell the company about. Also, it is good to see more idols and their companies being open about such problems as it slowly helps strip away the stigma of mental health disorders, so instead of suffering in silence people seek out treatment perhaps and that society at large stops treating mental health as a character flaw and as an actual health problem. That said, I am sorry to see another idol suffering from this. I don't know if there is a way to help companies and trainees identify that they have anxiety disorder before they even debut. It must suck to have a dream to be a performer only to find out that you have a crippling problem with anxiety that makes it hard to get in front of a crowd or handle criticism well as even the best performers will have their naysayers. When you have anxiety, those negative comments get focused on disproportionately as if the only comments you got were negative even if 90% of them were positive.


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yooonoon1,112 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 0
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I'm glad her parents also is in on this. It's really nice seeing koreans to take mental health more seriously



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