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EXO-L trends numerous hashtags to support Chen as the protest planned against him fell short


Indeed, love and support will always be the victorious one.

On January 19th, a group of malicious fans who declared through a statement that they wanted EXO member Chen out of the group have staged a protest at Atrium to show how serious they wanted the main vocalist out. They had previously warned the local authorities and were talking about how 200 "fans" would show to the protest.

Needless to say, people are all talk, no show and this is yet another reminder of it. Of the supposed 200 persons, only around 10 to 20 actually presented themselves. People who were in the area were "graced" with a small group of persons, some of them even took photos of it and post it on social medias for the world to see.

Obviously, fans who are supporting Chen on the other hand, had a counter-plan to this madness. OT9 supporters quickly started to trend #MyAnswerIsEXO9#CHEN_STAYS and #EXOLBelievesInEXO9 on Twitter to show their support and remind everyone that the protesters do not represent the entirety of the fandom and that their voices deserved to be heard by everyone. The hashtags quickly rose on top of the worldwide trends and were only filled with love for our lovely vocalist.

Let this be a reminder for everyone, always support your favorite artists, through thick and thin. Because at the end, your efforts will be rewarded in the sweetest way possible.

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thatwolfyguy333 pts Sunday, January 19, 2020 5
Sunday, January 19, 2020

Honestly if you're one of the people that wants Chen out of Exo because he fell in love with someone, then you're not a fan, you're an idiot. If you truly are a fan then you'll be happy and support the idols/groups you claim to be a fan of no matter what and you ultimately want them to be happy.

People like EXO-L Ace are the reason that idols end up with depression and ultimately commit suicide. Smarten up, quit your selfish crap and support the idols you claim to support no matter what.


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crowboy924 pts Sunday, January 19, 2020 0
Sunday, January 19, 2020

lmao, how embarrassing for and immature of the people who actually did show up. the exo l ace or whatever the heck the antis are calling themselves should put together a protest to throw themselves out of the fandom



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