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Broadcasting stations & homemasters join in as #MyHouseJunho continues to trend among female fans in Korea


Female K-Pop fans and their new craze over 2PM's "My House" - released back in 2015 - is going stronger than ever! 

As previously reported, 2PM's "My House" has suddenly skyrocketed in popularity recently as various netizens claimed that due to some strange YouTube algorithms, they were recommended random videos of 2PM's "My House" - most notably, fancams of member Junho. The craze first picked up approximately a month to two months ago, and since then, numerous fans, both new and old, have fallen head over heels. 

Fans know that JYP Entertainment also took notice of the phenomenon and even uploaded bonus footage of 2PM's "My House" last week, here

And now, broadcasting stations are also on the move, such as SBS's 'Inkigayo'! SBS's recent post regarding the "My House" craze read:

"The trending star of the recent algorithm housewarming party, #Junho. We've fallen hard like something sudden came over us, so we raided #Inkigayo for this. I'll be waiting in front of Mokdong in 10 mins.. you'll be there, right? #Recruiting_MyHouse_PartyGuests #MyHouseJunho #2PM." 

2PM's official Twitter was then seen replying to SBS's post, with, "Draw a number, SBS-nim... My number is 20080904....". To this, SBS added on, "But we bought so much toilet paper as a housewarming gift..(Collapse)." 

2PM's homemasters are also joining in on the craze, as one homemaster - whose particular fancams and fantaken photos of Junho's "My House" performance made numerous victims fall prey to his charms - uploaded a newly edited version, a few days back. They even wrote, "Better start rowing when the tide comes in."  

Of course, another one of the reasons that the #MyHouseJunho craze has snatched up female fans' hearts is the funny reactions of fellow fans.

"Is there anyone out there who doesn't like Junho?
Is there anyone else?"

"Wouldn't it be great if you pick one and followed him home but it turned out that they all lived together." 
"I think they could undo a few more buttons."
"You told me to come to your house so why did you go to Nonsan (military training center)."

"I've been fooled by 'In 10 mins' for the third time. I went all the way to both playgrounds in front of the apartment, and behind the apartment, but there was nobody there so I went back inside. I'm not going out anymore." 
"Let's be honest, you all came back again today to watch this again, right?"

"JYP must have a headache too.. The tide's coming in and it's a good opportunity to make them have a comeback but they're all in the military keke. If you want this heat to stick around for another year, dig out more unreleased footage! We know you have a ton." 

You can find one of the original fancams which spurred on this #MyHouseJunho craze, below! Junho may have started the movement, but many fans are definitely still conflicted over which member they want to follow home. Which one do you want to follow?

  1. 2PM
  2. Junho
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23 days ago

2pm Kings . Can't wait for their comeback



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The song is wonderful, i'm obsessed with it


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