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Mnet to announce future plans for X1 and IZ*ONE soon


Mnet released a statement today regarding IZ*ONE and X1 and their potential future activities.

Mnet stated that they will be working cooperatively with the police and that they will make sure not to harm the artists and other trainees involved. They also apologized for the controversies surrounding the 'Produce' programs and anyone effected by the controversy.

Regarding IZ*ONE and X1, they stated, "It's all our fault, we will announce plans for IZONe and X1 very soon. In consultation with the officials, we will announce the compensation plan and renewal plan as soon as possible and the future plans of IZ*ONE and X1. Please be considerate."

Some fans are hoping this means they can continue the promotions, since the prosecution did not find any trainees involved in the fraud and scandal.

Other fans are just hopeful that this means the members of both groups can be released from CJ ENM and not face any further hate or stigma.

What do you think about this news?

(cr: Journalist Hwang Jiyoung)

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

This has been posted already you dimwit


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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

For me personally, I dont want them to disband. I mean it's already too late to go back and swap members that actually won in the vote. Plus iz*one's contract is for only 2 years and they disband, so it's really not that far away so might as well let them finish their contract with mnet and then they can go back to their companies.

But I feel like mnet will cancel their contract and make them disband, since this rigging scandal will always be known to be associated with these group, which is sad cuz iz*one members are still so young. Poor girls had nothing to do with this and now they're dragged down cuz of the producer. :(



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