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TWICE Talks about Protecting their Dorm, Politely Asks Fans to Respect their Privacy


TWICE's Momo celebrated her birthday with their fans via V App last night, November 9. In the middle of her live broadcast, Nayeon and Tzuyu surprised her with a cake and spent time to talk to ONCEs as well.

The girls have talked about various things including their YouTube documentary which will be released early next year, the dinner they had as a group to celebrate Momo's birthday, their first impressions of each other and Momo also showed a few videos of their pre-debut dance practices. 

Among the topics that the three TWICE members discussed, what caught the viewers' attention was when they opened up about why they refrained from doing VLive broadcasts in their dorm and even tries to avoid talking about their home as much as possible.

Nayeon shared that they get surprised when fans, including foreign ONCEs, wait outside their dorm building when they mention in passing during live broadcasts that they're on their way home. Tzuyu said that there were moments when they wanted to go live and broadcast comfortably at home like they used to but now they're holding back. 

The girls apologized to their neighbors who might have been bothered by the matter and politely pleaded to fans to help them protect their dorm and to respect their privacy.

Some fans speculate that it could be the girls' way of addressing the issue about Nayeon's stalker who claims to have developed special feelings for her and would seriously want to see her. 

The overzealous fan posted a vlog on how he stalked Nayeon and tried to know her whereabouts. The most recent update is that he still hasn't stopped and is planning to go back to Korea soon to continue his search for Nayeon.

Korean media outlets got wind of the news, even a French web portal had it featured. Fans continue to send JYP Entertainment information about the German fan and may have already been relayed to TWICE and their managers.

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ezqwerty792 pts Saturday, November 9, 2019 2
Saturday, November 9, 2019

Real fans should know their boundaries. There's a reason why concerts, fanmeetings and fansign events are being held. Fans are even allowed to watch them on music shows. That's the proper venue to meet your idols. Their home is where they should feel safe because it is already a private place. It's nice to show your support but going to their dorm is so unnecessary. Any person would feel terrified. These girls tried to get their message across as politely as they can. I appreciate that about them. Hope this German guy would at least understand that what he's trying to do is not a normal behavior.


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mewanticecream-19 pts Saturday, November 9, 2019 1
Saturday, November 9, 2019

They are basically asking fans to not give info about where they live to this psycho fan or any others and that is totally legitimate. After the situation where a psycho fan tracked down a live streamer using reflections in her eyes to find out where she lived and then went and attacked her we can't be too careful about this sort of thing


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