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Baek Ji Young talks about the difficulty of pregnancy and reveals her love for her daughter


Baek Ji Young revealed her love for her daughter on the November 18 broadcast of 'Do You Eat?' She also talked about the difficulties of pregnancies and how she had her daughter after four years of marriage. 

When asked if she had a baby right after getting married, Baek Ji Young replied: "No. When when we got married, I was pregnant and expecting. But shortly after, I had a... (suffered a miscarriage). After that, I couldn't have a baby for a while. But in the fourth year of my marriage, I had a baby. My daughter looks exactly like our husband and has his same mischievous personality and high energy. "

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It's great that she is so honest. Miscarriages happen so often but people demonize it as if its showing something bad about the woman when for the most part its out of her control. Literally, if you have 10 female classmates in your class when you are an adult like 7 will experience a miscarriage at least once in their life hell some without even knowing because most miscarriages like 75% happen in the first 1-2 weeks so some dont even realize they were pregnant or having a miscarriage. Not to mention 50% in all pregnancies end in a miscarriage that is a lot like if its not the first pregnancy then the second time it migtht happen 50% aint little.I know plenty of friends that had a miscarriage but act as if they were never pregnant and just dont talk about it bc gossipy people are awful and nobody wants to be pitied especially for something that happens so often and is actually so normal. Being a woman is hard and having children is hard. To anyone having a hard time because of things like kids and pregnancy. Stay strong because you are amazing you are not alone and nobody makes such as a big contribution to your country as you do by giving birth to the future citizens


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