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MONSTA X's Wonho and Minhyuk apologize for turning #MeToo movement into a punchline


MONSTA X's Wonho and Minhyuk apologized for their banter, turning #MeToo reckoning on sexual harassment into a punchline, at the group's fan sign event. The controversy arose on October 25, after one of the fans who attended the event back in March tweeted the video of two members bantering with each other. In the video, Minhyuk holds a microphone to Wonho's chest saying "Mr. Nips, please say something." Along the line, Wonho raises his hand and says "Me too, me too". Fans and Netizens alike have expressed their disappointment in turning an awareness movement into a punchline. 

On October 26, the group's label STARSHIP Entertainment uploaded an apology on behalf of the members on MONSTA X's official fan cafe. However, fans expressed their discomfort towards the "cookie-cutter" apology, saying the initial apology does not specify what they are apologizing for. Below is the apology released by STARSHIP Entertainment.


This is STARSHIP Entertianment. 
We sincerely apologize to everyone who felt discomfort because of MONSTA X's act during the fan sign event held earlier this year. 

STARSHIP and MONSTA X's members have been continuously reflecting upon the feedback on the issue. 

We once again apologize to those who were hurt because of our inconsiderate acts. We will stay open to any feedback and advice to learn and grow. 

Thank you. 

The controversy continued to grow as some fans realized the official fan cafe was continuously deleting and returning posts demanding a sincere apology from the members. Around 11 PM KST on October 26, two members have posted their apology on the fan cafe. 

Below is the video which stirred the controversy. 

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  3. Minhyuk
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natilly1,021 pts Saturday, October 26, 2019 0
Saturday, October 26, 2019

the person who posted it even admitted that they planned the timing to destroy and ruin their comeback on the 28TH, the whole thing was unnecessary blown out of proportion and misunderstood so much to the point it angered a lot of the fandom and cause people to turn against them. A lot of kmbbs started destroying merch, cancelling album orders and leaving the fandom + leaving nasty comments on his fancafe telling him to take his own life. I don’t understand why this article is necessary so please take it down allkpop it’s not necessary they’ve apologised and so has starship can we drop it now?



salamanderrrr1,166 pts Saturday, October 26, 2019 3
Saturday, October 26, 2019

The comments on the fancafe weren't just asking for apologies, they were sending extremely nasty comments, rape threats and death threats, telling Wonho he should kill himself and be the next Sulli and dragging the group in general.

The situation could also be out of context with Wonho asking to talk too not mocking, personally I'm not picking a side, as both scenarios seem plausible but sending messages like that is almost as bad.


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