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7 Best Dance Covers on Arirang's 'After School Club'


After School Club is a native English speaker and K-Pop lover's dream. The entire show premise is done in English with on-screen subtitles to help you better understand and learn Korean when idols speak their native language. After School Club serves to immerse you in K-Pop culture without having to wait for subtitles to come out to fully understand what's going on and for that, we thank them! The show always highlights a given group's hidden talents, but we love it for always asking the new groups to show off their dance skills by doing either dance covers of the sunbae groups that came before them or dances to western songs. More often than not, the rookie group dance covers amaze us! Here are 7 After School Club dance covers that you have to watch!

7. THE BOYZ - Random Girl Group Dance Medley

THE BOYZ is a K-Pop rookie group that quickly instilled themselves into the hearts of many worldwide and we can tell why! They're supremely great dancers and vocalists with insane charm, and watching this After School Club episode made our hearts flutter! The group was tasked with a random dance challenge and was able to nail dance moves by Sunmi, Red Velvet, Taemin, and BTS!

6. Rocket Punch - Dance Cover Medley

Rocket Punch shows off some new school and old school dances by doing covers to their sunbaes Girls Generation and TWICE! Their renditions of the iconic songs, "Holiday" and "Fancy" were to die for, but they didn't stop there! They also rocked the choreography of TXT's "Crown" in this awesome dance medley! We can tell the members of Rocket Punch are born performers.

5. PENTAGON - Dance Cover Medley

PENTAGON's charm reaches a whole new level in this episode of After School Club! Just try to watch the members dance to GOT7, HyunA, and BTS. They pick all the most dramatic and fast-paced songs to dance to and we're in awe of their talent! KINO's charisma is so high that it's seeping through the screen!

4. EVERGLOW - Dance Cover Medley

EVERGLOW said "Stan Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, and NCT!" in this episode of After School Club. This girl group is new on the scene, yet has come out with some of the most memorable debut stages of this year among their rookie counterparts. We're so used to seeing bubblegum cute girl groups, that EVERGLOW is a refreshing breath of fresh air!

3. BOYFRIEND - Girl Group Dance Cover

We commend any group that can do a random play dance medley without missing a beat and BOYFRIEND is one of those ultra-talented groups. They were able to all do a different girl group track including "Catallena" by Orange Caramel and "Touch My Body" by SISTAR, so hit classics that they had a lot of fun covering!

2. TWICE Momo - GOT7 Cover

Our adorable big-eyed Momo showed off her charisma with this cover of GOT7's hit classic, "Hard Carry". In K-Pop, many of the high energy and intense dances are reserved for the boy groups, so Momo showed all the viewers at home that girls could pop it just as hard as the guys can! Go Momo! 

1. ASTRO Moonbin and Rocky - Chris Brown Cover

Rather than have ASTRO dance to a sunbae group, they chose a western artist instead! In fact, Moonbin and Rocky chose to do a perfectly synchronized dance to Chris Brown's hit song, "Wall to Wall". Their synchronization is really mesmerizing and we love the fact that the group all wore yellow to the show to match. Such a nice touch!

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Friday, October 25, 2019

omg this showww

Eric Nam, Kevin, Jimin and Jae 💜



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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Rocky is seriously one of the best dancers of fourth gen



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