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'Ulzzang Star' Goo Hye Sun's SNS Controversy

Actress Goo Hye Sun was famous for 'Ulzzang Star', 'Teardrop Selfie' and 'Exaggerated diary' at Cyworld before her debut. She was 'hot' at Cyworld and now she's burning Instagram. Goo Hye Sun is constantly revealing her recent situation, as well as exposing her husband, Ahn Jae-hyun and their divorce battle.

She posted a selfie picture on her Instagram on September 20th with the words "I'm discharged! Thank you for your concern." Already, she released her hospitalization on August 30th. At that time, Goo, along with her selfie in a patient suit, wrote, "I was absent from the film festival because I was removing my polyp. I'm sorry. I cheer on the Seoul International Short Film Festival." The film festival she mentioned at the time was where Goo Hye Sun's work 'Mystery Pink' was nominated for domestic competition. She was discharged about three weeks after she was hospitalized for polyp removal.

On September 19th, the day before the discharge, the actress also posted an article on her Instagram, "I was hospitalized in the summer and have not been discharged. The book arrived and so I am reading it. Be healthy."

The picture she released showed Goo with an IV drip as well as her book in the same frame. Netizens are divided in responding to Goo's message as an "intention" or "by chance." Some have said that she has been continually informing her fans of her hospitalization, and she has just released an IV drip hand, simply resuming her SNS activities after two weeks break.

On the other hand, some criticism point that the book and an IV drip were 'used' to make the picture. In fact, Goo has been promoting her book. Even during the crisis, she said that her book was among the best sellers, and when she announced her temporary break from the entertainment work, she mentioned her book publication.

According to these arguments, Goo took a picture to promote her book and share her recent status together. At the same time, some netizens point out that Goo Hye Sun is a former Cyworld star, and will be able to spread her and her intentions in this 'online self-exhibition' space.

The actress was of Cyworld 'Ulzzang' meaning "best face". She was the origin of the circle lens fashion at the time and is still called the original 'Ulzzang'. Goo's popularity did not come only from her appearance but also her topic of posting. In particular, the photograph of her tears flowing from her left eye, the so-called "tear selfie," gave a lot of laughs to many people and is still called "Landmark history."

In addition, the diary posted on Cyworld was also famous. Goo confessed that she improved her writing skills thanks to the Cyworld. In an interview to commemorate 'Tears are Heart-Shaped", she said, "I got often embarrassed as I was posting in the Cyworld. That was how I improved my writing skills. I wrote like writing in a diary and people laughed at them." "After being shamed, I could finally refine and rewrite. That's how I was trained. It owe to Cyworld," said the actress.

This Cyworld star has now grown to become another hit on Instagram. She has recently exposed her marriage crisis. In the process, she has been using her SNS more actively than anyone else. She continued to promote her paintings, books, movies, and more, as well as her career.

She is recognized for her outstanding talents and abilities in the fields, but the 'publicity' delivered at the time of marriage crisis seemed to have been effective. At the time, when she drew the public attention with her personal privacy, Goo expressed her appreciation for her best-selling book 'Tear-shaped Heart'.

Goo received not only hot interests but also much support when she released her personal crisis in the marriage. It was Goo who released her marital status with Ahn. She displayed 'the list of rules' in their marriage and tried to criticize Ahn. In particular, she mentioned Ahn's changing of his heart, his phone call with other women while being drunk, and violence.

In the meantime, Goo kept her stance that she wants to remain married with Ahn. However, Ahn Jae-hyun made clear that he would divorce her. Meanwhile, the actress continued to expose Ahn and insisted that the reason for divorce was Ahn's extramarital affair. In particular, she accused Ahn on rumors of his affair and mentioned the photo of Ahn eating late-night-snack with another woman at the hotel.

Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Seul Gi, who are filming the drama 'People with Flaw' with Ahn Jae-hyun, faced a difficult situation. Oh suggested a legal response, saying that it was a false information, and Kim Seul Gi also refuted the rumor. Subsequently, an entertainment media even released the dialogue between Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye Sun. However, no message was found to prove Ahn's affair.

In the end, Ahn took out a card called Divorce Lawsuit. Ahn's legal representative, Bang Jung-hyun, said, "It is limited to prove the facts through SNS while the marriage with Goo is in fact broken. He will file a divorce lawsuit against Goo Hye Sun and be judged by the legal evidence."

Was it because of Ahn's position? Goo's exposure relay was discontinued at the same time as Ahn's notice of divorce. However, on September 19, Goo announced that she was hospitalized and shared her exhibition at the Art Fair.

The netizens are responding with wonder. This is because she deleted the post that exposed 'the rumor of Ahn's affair' on September 18th, the day before her SNS restarted. Goo had been displaying her marriage troubles, but, she deleted every content in regards to her marriage except the promotion.

Goo has been receiving great attention in the online space since she debuted in Cyworld. It's clear that the posts she uploads draw public attention, whether they are true, fiction, good or bad.

This article is republished from Business Times.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Divorce Lawsuit it is not a card but THE ONLY LEGAL WAY TO OFFICIALLY ASK FOR A DIVORCE !!!

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Even when she isn't posting there are articles like this. I agree that she brought a lot of this on herself and she did wrong with what she did to her husband but this is inappropriate.

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