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Actor Lee Kwang Soo shuts down trolls on 'Cultwo Show'


Actor Lee Kwang Soo shut down trolling listeners on 'Cultwo Show'.

On the September 11th broadcast of SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show', Lee Kwang Soo and his 'Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks' co-stars Park Jung MIn and Choi Yoo Hwa featured as guests. One listener called in to the radio show and claimed, "I saw Lee Kwang Soo at the Incheon International Airport. He was filming with Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin. He was tall and good-looking, so I told him so. He then said, 'Is this the first time you've seen a celebrity? I'm usually good-looking,' and then he took a photo with me." Lee Kwang Soo replied, "I've never said anything like that in my whole life. I feel falsely accused."

Another listener called in to say, "I saw Lee Kwang Soo attending mass at Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral. I told him he was good-looking, and he said, 'Is this the first time you've seen a good-looking person attend mass?'" The actor once again denied the second listener's claim, explaining, "I'm a protestant. I've never gone to a Catholic mass before." 

A third listener also claimed, "I saw Lee Kwang Soo at the temple doing 108 bows. I told him he was good-looking, and he responded, 'Is this the first time you've seen a good-looking person doing 108 bows?'" Lee Kwang Soo again responded, "I've never done 108 bows in my life. I'm a strict protestant Christian. Why would I do 108 bows? I feel like one person is sending these comments, so I'm warning you. Stop it." 

However, listener comments with the same claims about Lee Kwang Soo didn't stop coming in.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Actor Lee Kwang Soo engages in friendly banter with the callers"

Lee Kwang soo attended Cult Two broadcast with his fellow actors promoting his upcoming movie Tazza: One-eyed Jacks.

When it was time to answer some calls from the listeners, the callers decided to play a joke on the expense of the actor, putting him in situations where he would boast about his good looks and celebrity status.

Lines such as

"I saw Lee Kwang Soo attending mass at Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral. I told him he was good-looking, and he said, 'Is this the first time you've seen a good-looking person attend mass?'

Other puts him at mass or at the airport. Flustered Lee Kwang Soo obviously denied it, even pointing out he's a Christian. But by then the audience had caught on to the joke and subsequent callers kept making up the same line and the flustered Lee Kwang Soo brough laughter to the audience.

Tazza: One-eyed Jacks open in theathers (x). You can also catch Lee Kwang Soo regularly on SBS sunday show Running Man with more laughs.





I just had to rewrite it cause your garbage is starting to seriously annoy me. You managed to paint it in a shocking and negatively light even though it was friendly banter and fun times.

It wasn't even shitty "user content" actual staff member wrote that garbage.


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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

as an fan i read that and instantly undestood the joking circumstances, however as some people pointed out in the comments section, after rereading it, I came to see how badly this is actually written.

Without understanding the character of the person and the inside joke, anyone neutral would undoubly misunderstand this.

again people out to ruin someone or something (putting in a bad light)



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