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MLD Entertainment to host auditions in LA + could you be part of the next Momoland?


Momoland's label MLD Entertainment is hosting auditions on August 17 to find their next set of trainees and you could be one of them!  

The casting team is coming to Downtown Dance and Movement (1144 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015) in Los Angeles to scout for potential talent for their agency. The label is looking for trainees born between 2001 to 2005 that have the potential to become the next line of K-pop superstars!

Check out the casting notice below for more information. If you want to get your hands on an application, email info@v-sqr.com to receive yours today!

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eager_beaver1,605 pts Saturday, August 3, 2019 1
Saturday, August 3, 2019

I'll definitely show up for the audition. I can't dance, sing or rap, but I'm going to apply for the position of visual. I'm not good looking either, but people say what matters is confidence. It makes you attractive. So I'll go in with a massive amount of confidence and convince them to put me in the next group as a less-than-visual visual.


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et_toi-1 pt Saturday, August 3, 2019 0
Saturday, August 3, 2019

I feel so mad and sad at the same time! Daisy and Taeha were both my bias' the only one that I have right now is Nayun. SO are they implying that they are removing Taeha and Daisy permanently? Those girls dont need to be "shunned" perse from their carrer as an artist! Taeha's "health" which we all can admit that its about weight gain, but some people are blind to see what has become of Nancy, she has gain some weight from passed years but the perverted guys biasing her makes it even more DISGUSTING because she is the youngest in the group. This does not apply to the people of no intent to pervertness. But seriously! Nancy and Taeha are both on the same boat, but they let go of Taeha but not Nancy cuz from the start, everyone undoubtly knew Nancy would be a member of MMLD no questions asked. Yall all see or hear of someone in the kpop industry dating... Examples: HyunA and E'dawn, Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho, Ahreum and Lee Seung Jae, Lee Jung Jin and Euaerin, Jennie and Kai, and Ha Hyun Woo and Heo Young Ji. Yes, you may be asking yourself how do I know those couples, heres your answer: Im extra and found it on Koreaboo.com (add period). I am not a pantomath who deliberately knows everything. Back to the issue, why am I having Jane in my mind? Its daisy not Jane, but some stupid person leaked rumors about her and Ikon's Yunhyeong dating. Well, that got notice obviously .-. She and Taeha were put out of promotions to the Show me Album but they added Health issues/reasons to her dismissal but I and you know its plausible that its only personal issues. I dont want to go dive in articles for the dust ball of her health reasons because I am already typing to much and seems a bore probably. But if I was to ask yall a question it would be: Is this "fair"?

My Answer: My hands ar- NO

My feet ar- No

my fac- NO!

N to the O to the No No Nō



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