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Jennie & Friends actually never died (& never will)



I know you are all so excited I'm back....so this is going to be a little less put together than the >last post< I wrote.

Today's topic is Jennie. Shocker. And the fact that YG intends to NEVER, EVER give all members the equality and respect they deserve.

And yeah, it's definitely due, in part, to Jennie.

Jennie Stans, I'm sorry, but please wake up and realize that this girl has influence that no other BP member has, her parents hold sway in the Entertainment world, she is literally a gold spoon-fedbaby...you guys say yourself that the reason she gets better outfits is because she chooses them...

I was really getting into Blackpink with the latest comeback. KTL is a good MV and I liked the song. I feltlike everyone got a similar proportion of screen-time and lines. It's not like Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du, where it's meant to be a Jennie and friends vibe.

Back to the point, Jennie and Friends recently went to Japan for a concert and *gasp*yes, they were presented as...wait for it....Jennie and Friends.Some of y'all are about to be like "wELl RoSe HaS PiNk oN" but what you're missing is that pink is a pale, satin pink mixed with white, which looks even morewhite to anyone who isn't close enough, especially on video when movement and lighting is constant.

All of the members are in a pale color, that meshes with the backup dancers, while Jennie is in a vibrant, GREEN outfit. You put green next to a white, pale pink and pale blue....guess who stands out like a sore thumb. Yup. Everyone's fave "I do nothing wrong. I just follow the "company" but I have a say in all of my outfits and songs and life and can forget all my dance moves" girl group member.

The fact that this stylist and management treatment of BP continues to stay the same regardless of getting a new manager or YG stepping down just really shows that BP was, and always will be, Jennie and Friends. The other girls will probably never get a solo. Rose got a Spotify finally but still she doesn't have the bio or accolades that was written for Jennie's page.

Jennie's bio in Spotify makes it seem like she is more active in writing, producing and being a solo artist since she is "a founding member of BP, who, after breaking records with the quartet, broke records on her own as a solo artist" Rose, on the other hand, has had her Spotify for months and even a song attributed to her page but she has no picture, no bio, no support from the company at all that Jennie has on her Spotify.

Jennie will have a comeback before even a full album releases and it's so sad to see a group, with all the ingredients to be amazing, get dumbed down to pushing one artist out of four. 

Honest to God, I was giving Blackpink a chance. Especially Jennie. But it's the same old, same old. Like yes, the girl killed it on her comeback stage but then not even a few days later Jennie is acting lazy again on stage. If you watch any of their last performances of their tour you can still see Jennie half-assing all her moves...

The OLENS commercial: Jennie's came out first. Then when they made a mashup of all of the members' commercials, Jennie's CF actually made up most of the final cuts. 

The KIA commercial was awesome (a little drawn out) but still more emphasis and screen time were given to Jennie than any other girl. I mean I saw 1 sec. of Jisoo lifting up her helmet, 1 sec. of Lisa moving a tire, then 1 minute of Jennie making it rain, literally, with a hose. Plus, on BP's 3 year anniversary guess who get's something special, you guessed it! Jennie! A whole new instagram. Yay. People may say oh well Lisa has a YT but I don't remember an announcement of that or it happening on a big day for Blackpink, the group. Now this bs at the Japan Concert. I'm tired. 

It really feels like they are doing this more on purpose than not. They know everyone will talk about the "fairness" of the dresses or the "fairness" of the solo releases or Jennie is acting lazy again. YG is manipulating fans. Point blank. I've already written 2 articles on this topic alone so yeah, I played myself but whatever. & this seems to be proven by how much nothing changes for BP and how, if anything, issues get more recognize-able than hidden. 

One theory I have is that Jennie is maybe the weakest member out of BP. Maybe she trained for the longest because she needed it, not because they weren't ready to debut the group. 

If the other girls were to shine as much as Jennie, she will get outshone. I think that really is true. 

Lisa is killing it on her international following and her social media. Once she releases a solo, it's over. & if you pay enough attention, which I did for about a week or so, Jisoo and Rose's follower count on insta increases more than Jennie's. Even though Jennie has more overall followers. Rose will own the charts if she releases a solo. Her voice is too pretty not to and she can dance SO GOOD, that if she had a solo stage, people would be obsessed with her. Jisoo is so buried under the other members that you think that she can't shine like them but when Jennie decided to take a hiatus during tour Jisoo stepped up and rapped her part (ya know, the part that "only Jennie" can rap) THEN got right back into a high note with perfection. That's talent. Plus, her 4d personality, golden. 

So to end this, I guess it comes full circle to my last post about not being able to STAN Blackpink...I'm not going to get myself hyped for the other members when I know I'll never get the content from them, or even the group as a whole, as long as Jennie is center of everything. And as I said before, I'm not attracted to the idea of supporting only Jennie and watching the other members waste their talent and years being treated like second best.

Am I the only one to think this?


Since y'all wanna be feisty. Here's a design breakdown:

Lisa being in all white pants and with black and pink on top mixes with the white velvet in Rose's green black-strapped dress and the green is the same saturation as Lisa's pink. Jennies white and black dress and Jisoo's black romper mixes well with both Lisa and Rose's dress because there is a presence of white and black and color throughout. Not to mention, the jewelry they have on makes everyone's outfit blend.

Whereas Jennie, in Japan, is the only one with green of that rich of a solid color, she is the only one not having white in anything AND the biggest difference is the Colbert show had no backup dancers who the girls could blend in with, in terms of outfits.In this Jisoo, Rose and Lisa all have the same kind of silver jewelry on but Jennie stands out with gold hoops, a simple statement. Her outfit does not blend at all with her groupmates. Especially when adding back up dancers in the same color as everyone else besides Jennie. Add in shots that aren't close-ups and everything starts looking white with one green spot.

The people in the comments that actually appreciate visual effects and wardrobe understand the difference and have commented so...

The people who disagree seem to miss the point of a group representation in terms of design and color.

Also this: 

The only person facing forward is Jennie, she is also in the center. Her gaze unobstructed and clear, looking right at you. Everyone else is smaller in comparison. They are either turned to the side, half cut out or shoulder-ed in. 

  2. Jennie
  3. Jisoo
  4. Rose
  5. Lisa
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just_here_4_fun297 pts Saturday, August 17, 2019 19
Saturday, August 17, 2019

It always made me feel bad for the other girls. They put in so much effort 24/7 and never get the treatment or the spotlight the way Jennie does. When Jennie is the one that always has "lazy/ unprofessional" scandals. I don't mean to bash Jennie, however, I just wish the other girls get recognized too


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popularit4,407 pts Saturday, August 17, 2019 15
Saturday, August 17, 2019

these are all facts

whenever someone asks me why i no longer stan blackpink and only stan jisoo imma show them this article


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