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Businessman who defamed Kang Sung Hoon is fined 3 million won


Following penalty of compensation for unregistered business, this businessman wrote malicious posts on the Sechskies Gallery forum.

On July 31, according to Starnews, the Bucheon Branch of Incheon District Court has requested businessman Ji (35) who is suspected of committing an act of violation related to the Law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information (defamation) to pay a fine of 3 million won.

Ji was the one who arranged the fan meeting of Kang Sung Hoon in Taiwan on condition of paying 40 million won in two times, once with the Hoony World club in June 2018 and once as 2 days September 8 and 9, 2018.

According to the investigation, Ji 4 times wrote malicious articles under the nickname "XX" on the online community site DC Inside Sechskies Gallery on November 26 and 27, 2018, to insult Kang Sung Hoon when his fan meeting was canceled suddenly.

The prosecutor said that Ji fabricated and spread the fictional truth about Kang Sung Hoon like saying "Kang Sung Hoon only took what he likes among fans' gifts and requested to throw away the remaining gifts and letters", "At the time of fan meeting in Taiwan in March 2018, Kang Sung Hoon shared a hotel room and slept with the costume coordinator", "Criticizing and cursing fans who were on the same flight", "Forcing manager to do things that are not part of the obligations without paying the proper remunerations."

The prosecution side's representative explained, "Through the manager, Ji met and knew Kang Sung Hoon due to work. After the fan meeting in Taiwan was canceled due to visa problem, the two sides are conducting civil and criminal disputes. Ji was determined to insult Kang Sung Hoon to create a favorable situation in the legal disputes."

Earlier, Ji also filed a complaint against Kang Sung Hoon for alleged fraud. However, the prosecutor dismissed his lawsuit.

If quickly, this week, Kang Sung Hoon will file additional charges against netizens who have posted maliciously defamatory articles for male singers.

Kang Sung Hoon's lawyer said, "The allegations against Kang Sung Hoon are made clear to have no suspicious point because the prosecution's office has issued a decision not to prosecute with the criminal denunciation of the organizers in Taiwan. Therefore, we will enforce uncompromising legal measures against acts of uploading malicious posts related to this issue on websites."

Previously, Ji was also fined 1 million won due to violating the Popular Culture and Art Industry Development Act along with Hwang (34) - the foreigner who joined Ji to arrange the fan meeting for Kang Sung Hoon.

According to the Popular Culture and Art Industry Development Act, enterprises formulating public culture and art plans must register with the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. However, Mr. Ji and Mr. Hwang signed a performance contract for a fan meeting in Taiwan with Hoony World as an individual businessman.

It is known that this Hwang is under investigation after being charged with fraud because he did not return money to Taiwanese fans who bought tickets to the fan meeting. The number of denunciation records has even reached 200.

Additionally, Kang Sung Hoon is suspected of appropriating the profits gained from the money supported by fans and ticket sales when opening the video screening to celebrate Sechskies' 20th debut anniversary on April 15, 2017, by cheating that he will donate that money. Despite being accused by fans with the suspicion of fraud and embezzlement, the prosecutor's side made a decision not to prosecute due to lack of evidence. (Exclusive news from Starnews on July 17).

After that, Kang Sung Hoon said, "Even though I was judged innocent, I felt guilty. The profit of the screening was donated to the Forest Fire Recovery Organization, and the Korean New Life Welfare Foundation under the name Sechskies."

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

On another note... How does Sunghoon look so absolutely flawless??



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Thursday, August 1, 2019

so it looks like the guy WAS innocent after all...yet so many people hounded him and had him thrown out of Sechskies...destroying both his career and sechskies' future.

All of you are shitheads.


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